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Am I missing something here? This is only the first half (pages 1-15) of a 30 page document.

No, you've not missed anything. I messed up - there should be 30pages.

I should also have given some sort of clue as to why I posted this in the first place. There are two reasos:

1) I was trying out a new bit of widgetry but missed the 15 page limitation in the free version - I think this would make pdfs more readable if only they were complete

2) I was looking in the document to try and discover how clean my street should be, and how empty my bin. I'm struggling to do so. The original 30 page cleaning contract document is here, and a full widgety version here. I can't find where standards for cleanliness are set out. Fly tipping appears to have a National Indicator (no 196) and there is something called a TMA (2006) but I don't know what that is. Apart from that the contractor is only required to achieve "the highest possible performance standards". For a particular set of circumstances it is perfectly possible that the highest possible standard is simply not to do anything. 


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