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I received this reminder from Lynne today. £1540 times the number of pupils in a school adds up to a tidy sum - well worth responding to.


Dear Mr Essex,

This is a quick note to remind you to take part in the consultation to finally get FAIR FUNDING for Haringey’s schools. Apologies to those who have already responded!

As many of you will know, because of the current unfair school funding system, each child in a Haringey school gets £1540 less than a pupil in neighbouring boroughs like Hackney and Camden, even though our schools have similar costs.

This is unfair, and I have fought a long campaign for this injustice to be addressed. Now the government is consulting on a change to the school funding system – this is where I need your help!

If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to respond to the consultation, which closes on Wednesday 25th May. You can either respond on the Department of Education's website by going here: http://bit.ly/ehRD4i

Or you can send in the below suggested response to schoolfunding.consultation@education.gsi.gov.uk (please also copy me in using email addresslynne@lynnefeatherstone.org)

Suggested consultation response:

“I am concerned about the current school funding system, which sees Haringey's schools getting up to £1540 less per pupil than schools in neighbouring boroughs like Hackney and Camden. I think that the existing school funding formula should change to address this historical unfairness.

I am particularly keen to respond to questions 17 and 18 in the consultation document. I think that school-led factors should be included in the new funding formula, and in particular with regard to the area cost adjustment. The additional cost of employing teachers and other staff in Haringey should be recognised in the new formula, to address the huge cliff edge with neighbouring boroughs as outlined above. I would be grateful if you could include this view when collating consultation responses.”

Please do remember to send this in before Wednesday 25th May when the consultation closes.

Thank you for your help – with a good response we stand a much better chance of getting the change Haringey's children deserve!

Kind regards,

MP for Hornsey & Wood Green (Lib Dem)
(020) 8340 5459  lynne@lynnefeatherstone.org

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Thank you for the reminder. I think I responded before but I've done it again, just to be sure!


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