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Haringey's Contribution to the Prevention of Recycling

Have you seen the reports that recycling is hardly worth it, that changing to energy efficient light bulbs makes little difference. It's in the Sun and the Telegraph so it must be true. I don't doubt it for a moment. I only have to sit in a queue of cars waiting for my turn at the carefully labelled skips at the rubbish dump to know that there's more CO2 being generated and fossil fuel depleted than can ever be save by re-using the copper wire from a table lamp.

Still, the rules on recycling have become ever more complex, and they vary enormously from place to place. What I can commingle in Haringey is not the same as in the Northamptonshire village where my mother lived. Goodness only knows why.

And Haringey is now adding to the complexity. Which is a shame. I've enjoyed filling my hessian bags (though I'm pretty sure they are not hessian, but some form of plastic) with absolutely loads of green waste from my little Crouch End garden. But from October 23rd this free service ceases and becomes a paid for service using yet another plastic wheely bin.

We do seem to have learned to live with a lot of wheely bins. I find them unsightly and regret the space I have to give up to the two already in my front yard. I don't want a third.

Nor do I want to pay £75 a year. Haringey says its £1.45 a week, but its not. There must be 40 weeks a year the bin will stand empty. Paid for and taking up space, but empty. Unless a passer by drops some dandelion roots in it. What, how dare he? I've paid more than £6 an emptying for that bin. Get your own largely redundant most of the time bin, you bin space thief.

And how many weeks of composting does it take merely to offset the manufacture and transportation of a plastic wheely bin.

Or maybe this is an entrepreneurial opportunity. What if I and my neighbours club together and just get one bin between us. We could take it in turns for the hit on space, and try not to choose the same weeks to trim our Victoria Creepers. 

But what the heck. Generate as much community compost as you like, Air Force One Trumps your measly efforts any day.

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You'd think that incentivising people to recycle and dispose of their rubbish properly would be possibly worth consideration rather than precisely the opposite. Expect dumping. 


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