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Haringey move from NHS trust to 'Foundation Trust' Consultation underway

'foundation trust consultation'

Did anyone else got the 'foundation trust consultation' document?

There seem to be no discussion whatsoever on this topic which makes me wonder???

It states consultation started on the 3rd of May and will end on 25 July. I only got it last Friday June 3rd.

Interview with Ron Singer MD:

I found this excellent 13 minutes interview with Ron Singer MD, it is encapsulating the issues rising from the proposed NHS bill. Among other things the topic of Foundation Trusts is being discussed and that is highly relevant as we are currently consulted on that very issue. Well worth watching if you really want to know what Haringey proposed changes to the local NHS trust, would mean in practical terms.

Consultation document tells us nothing about what the change will really mean:

This consultation document demonstrate what Haringey really excel at - how to spend thousands on design, print and distribution of consultation material, that tells the public ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of value, but is a shameful spin. This one is a true classic.

If we say nothing about it, we will surely keep being treated like idiots... (Chances are we will, no matter what we do...)

To really appreciate what I am saying here, you will need to both watch the interview and read the consultation summary document put through doors... It can be also be downloaded from here: http://www.beh-mht.nhs.uk/get-involved/public_engagement/current_co...

Consultation web page:


In case you did not get the documents and want to give Haringey a piece of your mind, the online Consultation form is here :

Be interested to hear what you all think about it.

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I think its important to understand what we are talking about here and as GN8 points out the process does not make that easy.

Foundation Trust status has for some time been a goal for for bits of the NHS to achieve. The managers of such trusts think that it is a good thing for their trusts to achieve Foundation status. I'm not sure I understand why.

This consultation relates not just to Haringey, nor to the bit of the NHS that comes to mind for most of us - this relates to a  joint venture for Barnet, Enfield and Haringey and it relates to mental health, not to the broken bones and heart attacks bit of the NHS.

I think that a bit of decision making may already have taken place in Haringey, I seem to recall that the Whittington was part of a Haringey PCT - it is now WHittington Health Charitable trust I don't remember being consulted or even told about that.

Whittington Health is also attempting to become aFoundation Trust

Apparently PCTs are removing "ghost patients" from GPs lists

In Brent

The tough measures saw every patient who had not visited their surgery within the last six months and who failed to respond to two written notices wiped from targeted practices’ lists, in moves Dr Grewal described as 'morally bankrupt'.


Dr Martin Lindsay, a GP in Haringey, said his practice had lost 1,000 patients from a list of 11,000, and urged GPs to back the motion.[to negotiate a 'fair national policy for list validation']



Is it true that the Whittington A&E is again under threat of closure.


The body [NHS NCL] needs to cut £230m from its budget. Of that £230m, £26m has been earmarked to be lopped off “unscheduled care plans” by 2015


Does 'unscheduled care' mean Whittington A&E?


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