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I've just received this note from Haringey

"Please find attached document" under the heading "Haringey Council : Informing of Planning Decision - App ref HGY/2016/2006".

So far, so bad. As though I remember what application number 2006 was!

The attachment - (the standard LBH blurb says it is confidential, so you may choose not to look any further)  needs downloading and converting from .doc format to something my phone/tablet/pc/chromebook/whatever can display, but so what, I like sitting waiting while the buffering sign displays, contains various things:

1) "I am writing to inform you that after taking into consideration relevant planning policies and the comments of local residents, the Council has made a decision on the planning application for the above proposal."  - No clue as to what the decision is , nor, as yet of the property it belongs to.

2) a link - this is a completely generic link, could relate to any planning application on the LBH site. Just a tiny bit more effort and it could have been specific.

3) The instruction to go to the link and type in the reference. If the sender of the email had only  . . . but he didn't.

By this stage I am definitely growing frustrated. It's as though this information is designed to be as difficult to find as possible.

And when I do finally get there it turns out to be Superdrug. apparently all the discussions took place off the planning portal. What Superdrug implemented before permission was granted was notwhat was in the original drawings, nor was it what was in the revised drawings (? they look the same to me) nor was it "retention of the existing shop front" which is what has actually been given as the title of the application.


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