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Haringey Council’s school street proposals - a closer look

Dear parents,

In light of the school streets plans which have been unveiled by Haringey Council, I have taken the time to go through them and let you know my observations. (More info here: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/transpo...)

I have done this, so you know that the council is taking the concept of school streets very losely. What is a school street? A school street is a street where a school is located, which has timed closures at drop off and pick up times. (Not for residents or blue badge holders) Haringey Council has put a bid in for 11 initial “school street”. Funding has not yet been agreed and I have realised why. 7 (and a half) of the 11 streets proposed do not fit the criteria of a school street. They are NOT timed closures, but a monitoring of zigzag lines via barriers or cameras, outbuilds or widening of pavements.

Parents of the following schools need to raise their concerns in my opinion:

1. Rokesly Primary school

2. Welbourne Primary school

3. Alexandra school

4. St Gilda’s RC primary school

5. Holy Trinity Primary school (this is a 50% school street, doesn’t go far enough)

6. Bruce Grove Primary School

7. Highgate Primary School

It is best to raise your concerns to Councillor Hearn, but copy in Councillor Ejiofor and Will Norman (willnorman@tfl.gov.uk), plus the head of your school. We need to make sure TfL realises Haringey is playing tricks and that we see them (and wholeheartedly not agree).

The second bid I raise concerns for the following schools:

1. Risley Avenue Junior School

2. St Francis de Sales

3. Woodlands park junior school

All the best,


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Deborah, thank you for this analysis. It appears that a good proportion of the bid is flummery, rather in the way that you have described. I hope you have seen my farewell to Haringey

If the school streets bids are as you have described, it seems likely that they will not be granted. Haringey will plead "we did our best, but TfL thwarted us".

With the pavement widening, my suspicion is that pavement widening will be a thing of the past by the time they get round to it, and any money that has been granted will be discreetly moved on to another budget. 

I have had a good experience of raising concerns to Cllr Hearn. I was subsequently invited to a meeting and saw some of my suggestions enacted. Good luck with that.

Thank you Adrian, 

The “TfL has thwarthed” line won’t be able to be used, as official DfT guidance now states that central government can and will take over roads of local authorities who colour outside the lines. This is a very good threat and one I am eager to see imposed. 4 of the 11 initial school streets are looking good. One of which is my son’s school. That took 5 years of campaigning.

I recommend all parents to email and make a fuss as much as they find the energy for. We have a group on facebook called  “parents for Healthy Streets Haringey”. Everyone is welcome to join and learn. 

Can I please add to Deborah's suggestions and her advice, proposing that parents - and older school students - may want to consider emailing their ward councillors; in addition to the people Deborah suggests above.

Not everyone may know the names and contact details of their three ward councillors. If not there's a search box on this page of the Council's website.

Similarly parents and  some students may also wish to email the councillors of the ward in which a school stands.


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