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Haringey bit-in-the-middle Land gets a fair few blocks of flats

Artists impression. Obviously - it's got people and trees in it.

I refuse to call this site Haringey 'Heart' lands since the council started to refer to Wood Green as "the rightful Capital of Haringey". Says who? I want no part of it, the jumped up gits.

I can't remember whether the huge redevelopment of the ex-gasworks up the road has already appeared on OpinioN8 (it was an issue a few years back, but the gasholders have been demolished now). Anyway, the exhibition boards from the 'consultation' a few weeks ago have now turned up (I noticed someone tweeting about it). See them at -


Obviously another huge development, over a 1,000 new flats, landmark buildings, pocket parks, civic spaces (Wood Green likes its civic spaces, it's the Capital of Haringey you know), and affordable workspace, -

Permanent workspace would be an option – ‘maker space’ and independent retail – at the northern end of our site for creative businesses, entrepreneurs and local businesses....   as a focus for creative industries.

Apparently it's possible to achieve workspaces in new developments. Except in Crouch End.

Mind you, if its anything to do with Haringey they'll get it wrong - the street food thing in the Council's last venture into funky workspaces, Blue House Yard, has already gone pear shaped and closed without notice this week.

See http://stwilliam.haringeyheartlands.com/ 

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PMRA has explored the gas holder issue more fully. RIBA are having a competition for innovative uses for gas holder bases. I'm sure I saw a piece about it on PMRA but it's not there now. They have written about the re-emergence of the Moselle.

And as for the development of the Haringey bit-in-the-middle, it's bleeding idyllic. Better than Milton Keynes,

Here's a novel use for a gas holder base, in case war breaks out between Trump and Kim Jong-un.

On a less facetious note, the proposal by Parkside Malvern RA to open up the Moselle where it flows near the disused gas holders is well-argued.


I've looked quite hard for news of Blue House Yard on the internet, but can find none. Perhaps a personal visit is needed.

The people behind the street food franchise tweeted that the food stalls were closed with immediate effect. Unfortunately this was after I'd visited with the boy.

In the meantime what traders there are, are struggling - little footfall and an entrance from Station Road consisting mainly of a pile of rubble and what looks like a badly parked bus. It's a shame, because those responsible for the design of the retail units did a great job. Someone needs to project manage it properly.

That picture is only missing the tumbleweed to be the set of a western

NOT sure that the Council understands the relationship between footfall, commerce and location.

Similar problem with Chickentown by Tottenham Green.

A deal of public cash and loans has been sunk into a misguided attempt at gentrification. The Local Authority-funded chicken-restaurant is sited at a location—by Tottenham Town Hall (sold off)—where any form of retail would struggle.

Council PR has been energetic in using publicity channels to flog it, including the Guardian, the Evening Standard–Haringey People magazine of course—and even the Council's in-house staff magazine. It was claimed that the chicken restaurant might transform the health of Haringey. In December 2015, the Council's Staff intranet described it as "[a] brainchild", "inventive" "groundbreaking" (it is a restaurant).

The restaurant is inside a former fire station and is beautifully restored.


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