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Haringey announce 129% increase in cost of two-hour CPZ permit

Haringey plan a 129% increase in the cost of two-hour CPZ parking permits you have only 7 days to object..
Haringey are proposing ludicrous and expensive changes to the system for temporary parking permits which will affect residents in two-hour zones particularly heavily .
At present it is possible to purchase a two hour permit for a two hour zone so that a visitor, whether private or trade, can park legally without fear of being issued with a PCN. This costs 70p at present. Under the proposal this two hour permit is being discontinued and it will become necessary to purchase two one hour permits. At the moment they cost 35p each but under the new proposal they will cost a staggering 80p each so that a two hour permit will effectively become £1.60 – a 129% increase in cost.
There is a little bit of good news – the will be no limit on the number of permits you can purchase (hooray!) but you will have to use them ‘within the year of purchase’. How many people can forecast how many of these wretched permits they will need? What happens if there is an increased need for permits towards the end of the year, for example a care crisis that requires relatives to visit more often than they need?
If you live in a full-day parking zone the current cost of a permit is £3.50 and this will go up to - £3.50. So residents in all day zones suffer no increase whatsoever whilst those in a two-hour zone face a 129% increase.
You haven’t got long to protest either – Anne Cunningham, head of parking at Haringey, apparently published the order on February 2nd and you have 21 days from that date to object – however emails were only sent out to residents who have parking permits on 15 February – allowing a mere 7 days for protest. Thank you Haringey.
Details of how to protest – “Any person desiring to object to the proposed Order or make other representation should send a statement in writing of either their objection and the grounds thereof or of their representation to the Traffic Management Group, River Park House, 1st floor, 225, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8HQ or to traffic.orders@haringey.gov.uk within 21 days from the date of this Notice”

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I can confirm that we, as your Lib Dem CE candidates, have sent the following objection in to the traffic orders team (copying in Peter Mitchell). I know that other Councillors in the Lib Dem group will shortly be submitting further objections on other issues related to the changes such as the impact on carers.

We also took the opportunity to raise an issue directed to us via the CE Facebook group around the wording on the current permits.


Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to send some initial objections to the recent proposed parking charge changes, sent out by email correspondence on the 14th February.

Our objections are two-fold:

1. Visitors parking to no longer be subject to a limited allocation

Removing the limit on the number of visitor passes will incentivise local residents near transport hubs to buy many hundreds of visitor passes and sell them online for a profit, turning many parts of Haringey into giant park and ride zones.

Haringey is already one of the most polluted boroughs in the country, and we should be looking to reduce car travel not adding incentives to increase it. This will also reduce the number of on-street spaces available for those living in Haringey who have resident parking passes.

We question the reasoning for removing the limit. To quote

"Visitors parking permits will be simplified and no longer be subject to a limited allocation

This is to ensure we are taking a fair approach when it comes to everyone who wants to park in our borough and to encourage people to use other forms of transport if possible."

These statements are contradictory. Adding the ability for more visitor parking passes to be available will increase the amount of private vehicle use in the borough, and discourage people to use other forms of transport. We would therefore like to see a limit remain in place for the number of visitor permits available.
2. Removing the ability to get a refund on unused permits if not used in one year

"Unused permits would therefore not be exchanged or refunded"

With many people unaware how many permits they will need or use in a single year, removing the ability to get a refund on unused permits will lead to many under or over purchasing permits. Those that over purchase to be on the safe side will be financially penalised, whilst those who under purchase may be left with a shortfall in permits due to the length of time it can take to receive permits when ordered remotely, or the inconvenience and amount of time taken to purchase permits from an in-house location. We would therefore like to see refunds made available for any unused permits at the end of the year, and for all permits to be available for a minimum of 12 months from purchase, rather than to be used in a calendar year. This is particularly important for carers, support workers and other visitors to vulnerable residents.

Finally, I would like to direct you to the wording currently used on visitor permits, which is causing confusion for many, and leading to unfair fines being imposed.

The visitor permits clearly state on them "Time of arrival". Should a visitor arrive at a location with a CPZ controlled from 10am-noon (as in the case of Crouch End Zone A) at 8am, following the instructions on the visitor permit - they should scratch off 8am as their time of arrival. However the intention would clearly be for the permit to be used between 10am and noon. This is particularly difficult to understand for non-native English speakers, who have followed the instructions, and believe their 2-hour pass will entitle them to park between 10 and noon.

We strongly recommend that this wording is corrected so that the instructions on use are far clearer for all, and stop the penalising of those misunderstanding the instructions.

Kind regards,

Dawn Barnes, Luke Cawley-Harrison & Tammy Palmer

Liberal Democrat local election candidates for Crouch End Ward


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