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There is a question on the newly announced Liveable Crouch End questionnaire which asks

"Another way to change parking would be to alter the times of  the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) in the area. 

For example, CPZ times could be made longer to prevent parked cars blocking roads and commuter parking, or they could be aligned across the different zones to stop traffic moving between zones to avoid parking charges.

How supportive are you of this?"

This is a very poor question. Cars parked in accordance with a CPZ do not block roads, they are in the areas marked off by white lines. The phrasing of the question strongly suggests the answer is pre-determined.  The questionnaire does not allow me to say I am very much against this idea, merely that I am not supportive at all.

I have offered the following comment:

"The Crouch End CPZs work very well as they are now. Any review/change would be relatively expensive and would be sure to generate some opposition, but would bring very little benefit. Certainly there are a few vehicle movements at the current change over time, but probably trivial in number, and at the quietest time of day. The backlash from local businesses against would be substantial and at a very crucial time for Crouch End. Roxanne and Scarecrow Boutiques are the two most recent businesses to announce closure. Lack of parking often gets the blame, whether justifiably or not."

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