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The now seems to be operating under new legislation which gives it more capacity to stage major events in the open spaces it controls. This was enacted earlier this year. Did anyone know about this? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukla/2018/1/pdfs/ukla_20180001_en.pdf

Now herre's an interesting tweet. The City of London has been given powers by Act of Parliament to

(2) The Corporation may―
(a) temporarily use or permit others to use land (including buildings)
forming part of an open space for the purposes of an event;
(b) provide, or arrange for another person to provide, equipment, facilities
or services for the purposes of an event;
(c) so far as appears to the Corporation to be necessary in connection with
an event, restrict or authorise others to restrict access temporarily to an
area of land forming part of the open space; and
(d) charge for permission or provision given or made under paragraph (a)
or (b) or charge or authorise others to charge for admission to an area
to which access is so restricted.

This is part of section 7 of the Act. There are restrictions in parts 3 and 4 of this paragraph.

But might Hampstead Heath and Highgate Wood be put up as alternative venues for the festivals recently held in Finsbury Park

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I'd like to suggest a gibbet. 

It's in keeping with the times, and candidates for stringing up can be decided through acclaim by mob on social media. A cheap and enjoyable day out for the whole family. 

It's a good suggestion. I believe hangings used to draw large crowds, and we have become very squeamish about death, which such events might help to ameliorate. Voting for who remains and who goes is very popular " . . . and the second couple who must dance again to avoid the drop, is   . . . . . . ".  

Sustainable , too, there are so many candidates to choose from, and no high voltages would be necessary.


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