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i need a haircut! can anyone recommend one in crouch end? there are many, but i'm not sure which is a good bet?


Thanks. Claire

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i ended up going to MP4 and seeing Anthony - he was very good and i was v pleased with the cut and finish! it is pricey - £50 - but i got a tenner off as it was my birthday and they offer free fringe cuts, so would recommend! C

One other belated recommendation: Julian at Daniel Field. My mum always goes there and her hair looks lovely!

This is selling it to me... might give it a bash next time i'm feeling flush.


What is that place opposite Budgens? I am put of them by the annoying guy who stands outside budgens and tries to tell me I need a haircut. He also has THE WORST HAIR in the world and frankly I'd rather NOT have my hair cut by someone who did that to him. Sorry dude if you are reading this.

Try the Engine Room in MIddle LAne. I've been going for years. Mention the CEFC programme and they'll give yiou 10% off.
Ilki: it's the best in Crouch End. We use Ilki herself or Gaelle or hugh.

I went to ILKY, it was a great a cut and really welcoming, was a bit nervous but very relaxed and really friendly salon.

I used to have Ilky cut my hair in the early 80's when she worked at Hair on the Hill. I went to her privately when I decided to have my hair permed into a curl - it was all the rage then. Unfortunately my hair didn't take - it was too strong for the perm so I ended up having to go to work in the City with curly sides and a flat top. You can imagine the **** that I had taken out of me. I went back the following night - she live right next to the Broadwater Farm which was going up in flames at the time -and she re-applied whatever it was she was using and all was well except my friends kept saying 'sing Men of Harlech for me'. I can't remember now who it was the perm made me look like. Ah happy days!!

Ilky did used to manage Hair on the Hill for many years, but she never lived near Broadwater Farm, shes always lived Stroud Green, even as a kid. Shes been cutting hair for many years and has learnt her trade in the west end and other places over the years. As a youngster, we used to all pile into her bedroom when she lived with her parents and she would cut everyones hair, it was a great time and everyone loved their cuts. Im so happy to see she has the salon she always dreamt of and would recommend her very highly, not only for her skills, but for her lovely personality.and hospitality

I like Organic Hair (round the corner from Nat West). Have been going there for a few years now...


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