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i need a haircut! can anyone recommend one in crouch end? there are many, but i'm not sure which is a good bet?


Thanks. Claire

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The tweet below contains potentially useful information, but it has a couple of flaws.

It was sent in response to one of OpinioN8's automated tweets but will not spontaneously appear in the forum. What I need is a mechanism for getting the reply into OpinioN8 without my having to go and look for it. Ideas please to opinion8@rocketmail.com.

It does not tell how to contact the hairdresser in question - perhaps Richard could add these to our trades and professions page


@OpinionN8 my sister in law is a freelance, vidal-trained stylist who does home calls. Lives on Crouch End Broadway. V reasonable too
Hello. I'm interested in a freelance hairdresser if she will do kids' hair (three of them) for a reasonable price.

Hi Richard


Is your sister in law still working locally?  I'm looking for someone to come to my home and cut my hair.  What are her contact details?

From Twitter - to get Richard's sisters details.
backdoor1973 richard forshaw
I went to MP4 last time and was very pleased.  I used to go to Elysian Fields but my last cut and colour was not good and it was very expensive. 
thanks for this! do you mind me asking what kind of hair you have? Claire

I have long, thick curly hair!


On another almost hair related matter, I had my eyebrows dyed and plucked today at Singhar on Topsfield Parade. I look like an angry badger.

£14 for dye and threading.  Not a bad price but a horrible result! They were just too thick and black - I've plucked them a bit more at home but they're now a bit wonky!  Problem is because they were really blonde before so it looked like I had no eyebrows - actually I've got loads and now they're black, they're a bit harsh!  Dare say I'll get used to them.
I would reccommend MP4 I've been back many times (cut and half head highlights) and in general been very pleased with it - good service, good result.  Price wise, it's about what I would expect of a London hairdresser, and in line with other hairdressers in the area. I've also tried peppermint green, which I was less pleased with, although to be fair to them I cannot pinpoint exactly why - the hair cut and colour was fine, I just didn't enjoy the experience as much as when I went to MP4.
thanks for your recommendations! i've booked with mp4 - so shall let you know how i get on.... C
I'd also really recommend Avalon, she is very good.

What are there prices like?


I have been goign to peppermint Green [by going i meant that one time I had money and got my haircut] and they LIE on their website, prices say £25 for a cut and I came out paying £60 for literally just a trim and blowdry I didn't want or ask for, they spent hours blowdrying my hair despite my 'its fine! just dry it!' protests and I came out looking like Rachel from Friends. Which is a good look admittedly but not what I wanted.


ANNOYED. Everytime I go to the hairdressers this happens which is why I NEVER go to the hairdressers.


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