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Local residents' groups and neighbourhood watches get very worked up about graffiti, and Haringey has a team dedicated to wiping it out. Broadly speaking I don't share this view. 

Take a look at this collection of images from the Parkland Walk. Many of them have probably by now been repainted but my opinion

is that they add to the view, not detract from it.

And this collection of miniature graffiti around the clock tower are an absolute delight. The artist is to be applauded not cleaned up.

Haringey's website carries the statement "We aim to remove obscene and/or racist graffiti within 24 working h..." under the heading "Vandalism". Obscene and racist and hate inciting messages in all media should be removed as soon as practicable, but to undertake to clear all graffiti in 3 days is a huge commitment and to quote from elsewhere on the Haringey website "Vandalism and graffiti happen regularly and are a huge drain on res...". Not only that but I suspect that the graffitists will simply view the newly cleaned/painted surface as a reward for their previous efforts and an opportunity to do more of the same - they will actively be encouraged rather than discouraged in their endeavours. 

My conclusion from these musings is that Bristol has got it right. Bristol is closely associated with Banksy, whose work is witty and well executed and now mainstream, so it has a vested interest in graffiti. It is currently undertaking a massive graffiti project, producing paintings on a large scale. The city council has taken the view that some graffiti is worthwhile and is allowing the public to vote on keeping it or painting it out. This article from the Guardian sets out the details of the Bristol graffiti scheme.

This map identifies the location of the many sites in Bristol where street art (aka graffiti) appears.

I'd like to see Haringey in general, and Crouch End in particular review its stance on the issue.

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Some examples of local graffiti from Crouch End and Harringay.

A mural by children from Chettle Court at Harringay Railway station, toasters on the shutters at Palace Cafe, Tottenham Lane, and more toasters on a garage door in Quernmore Road. Double click to see full size.



Click the picture to see the original
anyone else ever noticed this before? @ParklandW... on Twitpic


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