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I like to spend an hour or so in the garden each morning - last year I would go out early to avoid the heat of the day - no such problems yet this year. Today I spotted that the gooseberries were over ripe, so I picked them. I only have one bush but I got nearly 8 pounds from it today. I guess that means more jam later on. Multi tasking might enable me to make jam, watch Bradley Wiggins, listen to the cricket and wonder about the golf.

What I did notice in the garden though was the complete absence of birds. Generally as garden work turns up worms, spiders and ants eggs a robin will dart in and out snaffling tit bits. I'd really like the blackbirds and thrushes to feast on the snail revealed as I clear a few weeds. But, no - not today - not a single one. This may well have to do with the predominance of predators - the magpies, crows and jays

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Hi - i'm so happy for you about the gooseberries.. They are the most wonderful fruit I think.

Re birds, I wonder if there are cats about who have no bell on their neck. I think the birds are doing okay out of the wet weather. On Nelson Road we have swifts,  and starlings, and goldfinch!!  I don't have a garden.


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