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It annoys me that on Google maps the Clock Tower is labelled "Hornsey", and the Victoria Stakes is labelled "Crouch End". Also every where in N8 is labelled "Tottenham". So I have used the Tele Atlas Map Insight system to submit corrections.

In respect of both of these I have been told that

"Our automated processes have determined that there is sufficient information in your report for us to examine and work the issue.






Fingers Crossed

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Received today from Tele Atlas. Dimwits

Reference ID: 0638dd52-bbfb-102e-8596-ef1dc27810ea

Thank you for contacting Tele Atlas. We are unable to make the change you suggested.

Possibly our systems couldn't process your report because it didn't have enough or the type of information we need. Possibly your report contradicts reports received from other reports or systems. Or possibly the type of change is not supported by our data format. If you would like to resubmit with additional details, we may be able to better review the situation.

We rely on helpful feedback from our customers and we sincerely appreciate the time you took to provide us with your report. We apologize for the inconvenience to you.

Thanks again for your willingness to help keep Tele Atlas maps up-to-date and accurate!

Please do not reply as this is an automated email.


The Tele Atlas Map Insight Support Team


Argh! That really irritates me too, and the fact that it thinks everywhere in Haringey is in Tottenham. If you type in 'Haringey Park' it autofills it as 'Haringey Park, Tottenham'. What makes it irritating is that I have begun to write Tottenham myself, automatically 'correcting' myself to the wrong thing.


Yes, don't get your hopes up. As I think you know, I made the same submissions several times a couple of years ago. I just checked the reports and find they now say:

Your report appears to be addressed in the 2011.09 release of Tele Atlas map data. No more work is planned. The availability of this improvement will depend on the update cycle of products from your application provider.


But I did manage to get Harringay mapped - so perhaps if the pressure is kept up we can get Crouch End & Hornsey sorted.

Re. "Our automated processes have determined ... etc"


"We have determined that you might be a Robot" (!) : –

Determinate! Determinate!





On 13th November Metropolitan Police (MetPoliceCO11) tweeted:

Metropolitan Police
The robots have become self-aware. Officers have them contained in Crouch End awaiting the arrival of Thames Valley Bladerunners.

here here minor pet hate of mine too!



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