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It annoys me that on Google maps the Clock Tower is labelled "Hornsey", and the Victoria Stakes is labelled "Crouch End". Also every where in N8 is labelled "Tottenham". So I have used the Tele Atlas Map Insight system to submit corrections.

In respect of both of these I have been told that

"Our automated processes have determined that there is sufficient information in your report for us to examine and work the issue.






Fingers Crossed


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It could be worse. One could actually BE in Tottenham. Rather an inaccuracy than finding oneself having to live in the place!

There's a lot bad about Tottenham but there are also projects and enterprises that are really innovative and interesting.  They have a fabulous choir who tweet me with all sorts of wonderful stuff, loads of really great art projects, community projects and of course the brilliant Bruce Castle.  If you have any interest in local history a trip to the museum is well worth it, particularly if you book some time to look through the archives.  Amazing pictures of old Tottenham, Hornsey and surrounding neighbourhoods. Markfield Park has recently won awards for being one of the best parks in the country and has got the Markfield Museum which is definitely worth a look.

I will take your word for it but I do value my iphone too much I'm afraid. Unless I suddenly develop a sudden yen for fried chicken wings, I have no intention of venturing there any time soon. When I first moved in to Crouch End I advertently caught the wrong bus one day when returning from a big shopping trip on Regents St - there was a ghastly tube strike strike on and not a taxi to be seen anywhere - and found myself with the unpleasant experience of trundling through Tottenham. My Lord, it reminded me of my gap year helping to build a school in Malawi! No, I'll stick to N8 thank you very much.


Steady on Julian, people do have to live there and you don't do them any favours by denigrating the neighbourhood.  Parts of it are very deprived but there's a lot of goodwill around to try and improve the area and some very pleasant parts too.   I'd probably rethink your gap year in Malawi comment too, it won't win you many supporters in North London.

Before eulogising Crouch End too much I will warn you that we have our fair share of crime and unpleasant aspects.  It's not all cupcakes and dog poo!  

No offence intended (I'll leave PC for the Guardian readers), it was merely an observation and one that I stand by. Driving through Tottenham that sweltering afternoon did remind me of having to negotiate the traffic in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe. I loved Malawi but I wouldn't want to live there. I'm sure that Tottenham has its positive aspects as well but I, probably like yourself, wouldn't want to live there either. We live in Crouch End for a reason, we haven't just arbitarily pitched up here by accident. I love Crouch End's diversity and its measured civilty. I didn't see a great deal of evidence of diversity in Tottenham and there was scant civility being bandied about, I can tell you. Some places are horrible and some are lovely, that's just the way the macaroon crumbles unfortunately. We're jolly lucky to live in a lovely little spot and that's why we like coming on here to espouse dear old Crouch End's many virtues. (I do like to think of Crouch End as a glam granny, one possibly wearing Laura Ashley and dancing barefoot in a sizable garden to early Fleetwood Mac!) My word, if Tottenham were as spot on as dear old Crouchy, I'd be over there like a shot.....last year's measly bonus would certainly have gone a lot further!
I wonder if it's due to Tottenham Lane and how the boundaries were drawn up oh so long ago.  Tottenham seems to prevail in most places - I was in Oakwood the other day and noticed in Greggs that you could by Tottenham cake.  Don't know whether they sell it in the Crouch End branch, might pop in later and see when I'm gathering hot cross buns for an Easter tasting sensation!
Damn, another flimsy cover blown. Rather than picking this up from HoL I ploughed my own furrow and I used not "report a problem" but Tele Atlas map insight, the efficacy of which remains to be seen.
Yup, that's what I used Adrian. It's the only option. Google won't deal with this directly. Report a problem is only for non-mapping issues, e.g. location descriptions.

These comments about Tottenham are disgraceful. Admin, do you mind if I start a thread with the following title:


"Tottenham attacked on Opinion8 as third world home of chicken wings and stolen mobiles"

I can see no malice at all in the reply which praises Tottenham for its choir, its parks and its Historic buildings, so overall there is some balance. As in every circumstance there are two sides to the story, and clearly some impressions of Tottenham are less favourable. Indeed the London Borough of Haringey broadcasts the problems it experiences in Tottenham.

Generally OpinioN8 is pleased with the start of new discussions, and it is our policy not to censor or moderate, though we do monitor for compliance with our Terms of Service. A brief extract is included below.

Some of the early items posted on this site were criticised for their aggressive nature. If you launch an attack upon what you see as an attack, it might be perceived as very aggressive indeed. Perhaps "Some things I like about Tottenham" might represent a more constructive approach, or appending "and praises it for some other things" to your proposed title.

I think the original theme of the thread was not so much the relative merits of the two places as cartographic inaccuracies. I suspect some of the early responses may have had jocular intent.

What you post is almost entirely up to you.



1. Keep it clean: no bad language. Granny might be surfing.
2. Angry. Really angry? Then count to ten. Turn off your computer. Go to bed. Post or reply the next day.
3. Wouldn't say it to someone's face? Don't post it here.
4. All posts should be reasonable, decent, truthful and honest. Always.
5. Don't post links to inappropriate (porn, violent, racist or offensive) websites
6. Don't try and be nasty or unpleasant..
7. Recommendations: yes. Adverts:no.
8. Good, open debates: yes. Squabbles; no.

"If you launch an attack upon what you see as an attack, it might be perceived as very aggressive indeed."

Sounds like the lesson here then is get in there first.

Could you tell me which part of my suggested headline is an attack or inaccurate? It's a completely accurate statement of what was said. Why on earth should that be considered as 'very aggressive indeed'?

BTW, yes HCC did a good job to begin with in seeking to get an appropriate tone, then after Tottenham was described as being like Lilongue, she seemed to give up.

Is it really appropriate for any of us from Crouch End to be so disparaging about Tottenham?

You courteously sought permission to open a new thread on a slightly different topic. This was granted. I am sorry I went further than a simple "yes". Please feel free to start your thread, where perhaps your further questions will be answered.


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