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According to new budget proposals discussed at the last Haringey Cabinet meeting, the free weekly collection of green waste is to end from April 2017.  Instead you will need to opt-in for green waste collection, for which there will be an annual fee of £75. No doubt the Council will tell us the details when we receive our council tax demand for next year.

On council tax, the proposal is to freeze it, but there will be a 3% surcharge to pay for for adult social care.

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 It'll take me ages to get all those prunings in the black rubbish bin. Or maybe I could have some bonfires.

I think I lose my discounted parking vouchers as well.

Here's a response to the same proposal but in Camden from the Ham and High of 2nd March 2017

I bet it cost more to manage this new idiotic policy! 

Has this happened. There is no reference to it on the website. Have we had a council tax demand yet this year?

No, it hasn't happened yet. Having agreed the policy it appears they are now trying to puzzle out how to implement it. How will Veolia distinguish between those who have opted in and out? There's talk of yet another wheelie bin being provided but many homes just don't have space for it. Perhaps the whole idea will be dropped.

I've received my council tax demand - you should have received yours by now. 

Good point Rob. My place (a conversion) has a garden divided into two. If one flat opts in, and the other opts out, how do the binmen identify the individual blades of grass left in the white bags?

Maybe barcoding the plants is the answer.

No, no, barcoding would be far too complicated. Just register the DNA of every plant in your garden on the Council website, and a simple lab test will check the contents of your bin.

Well my garden waste wasn't collected this week. Has the policy been implemented?

Mine was collected, and the rest of my street (Fairfield Road). So that's a definite don't know.


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