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The Good News is that the mess has been cleaned - not only is the recess at the bottom of the wall empty but the gunk has been power cleaned off the knobbly pavement. I saw it happening:

The not quite do good news is that the thing we all thought was a blocked drain is in fact a trough. So if there is still a source of gunky stuff the trough will fill up again.

It's also worth noting that my report of the problem to love clean london has yet to be updated and took a little longer than the promised 2 days

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Well done to you Adrian. You are a fount of knowledge. How on earth did you know about 'lovecleanlondon'??
Thank you. Its very kind of you to say so. As to "How . . . ?" - I do live a full , rich and varied life, but I like to set aside 18 hours a day for looking things up on the internet that might one day come in useful. And this one jolly nearly has.
I think you are missing a business opportunity here. Set yourself up as 'delphiN8.com' and charge a minimum of fiver to answer a question


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