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General Election runners and riders, perm any two from three. Actually don't, we're not allowed to do that, so figure out what to do and tell me.

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7 out of 8 candidates are women, and 5 out of 8 proposers. So much for gender equality. Which is a topic exercising this bunch on Facebook , a discussion which demonstrates just how peripheral arguments can become. I knew already that Zac Goldsmith tried to use Sadiq Khan's religion against him, but not that Jeremy Corbyn is part of  a pro-pimp lobby.

Ali Nimco is a young, black, mutilated, Muslim woman refugee from violence who has been threatened with death. 

The Green candidate has to overcome the burden of being a trained psychotherapist.

Dawn Barnes may have real hopes of election - overturning the swing to Labour from last election.

UKIP, Christian People and Workers revolutionary party are probably only minority players.

The Conservative has been given a seat to lose, probably on her way to a more winnable one next time around. 

My guess is Catherine West will over come the Corbyn millstone around her candidacy and get re-elected.

Results from last time

Name of Candidate Party Votes Elected
FEATHERSTONE Lynne Liberal Democrats 18359  
MORRISON Clive Winston UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1271  
MOSELEY Geoff Hoi Polloi 45  
PETERS Gordon Green Party 3146  
RAHUJA Suhail Conservative Party 5347  
SPIBY-VANN Helen Christian Peoples Alliance 118  
SWEENEY Frank Workers’ Revolutionary Party 82  
WEST Catherine Elizabeth Labour Party 29417 Yes

I shall miss Geoff Moseley and his Hoi Polloi.

The hustings last time round at the parish church featured a proper bit of aggro when he tried to invade the stage, lots of pushing, shoving and shouting which ended with the UKIP candidate whistling on his Acme Thunderer and the police being called. Meanwhile Helen Spiby-Vann the christian (crazy name, crazy lady) answered every question, regardless of subject, with a call for celibacy before marriage - possibly the most sex-obsessed performance since Mary Whitehouse.

Easily the most entertaining night out in 2015.

Still, this time maybe we'll be treated to the Women's Equality candidate demanding all the women candidates stand down in favour of a woman candidate. Or whatever the platform is.

I've just received a Lib DEm email which says

"The Liberal Democrats would:

  • Give the public a vote on the final Brexit deal, with the alternative option of staying in the EU on the ballot paper"

Which means the first step in your negotiation with the EU would be to say "we'll work out a deal of some sort, and then if the plebiscite don't like it, we'll just stay in." Which , if the Lib Dems and the EU both want us to remain would mean a poor deal, and a loaded question in the referendum. It's the sort of promise you can only make if you know you'll never have power.


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