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Gail's - a locally listed building - putting back the original features @GAILsBakery

I perhaps jumped the gun a bit yesterday and wrote to Haringey's planning enforcement department asking why it would allow plywood to be fixed to the outside of Gail's, which the council itself has recommended as being locally listed and which is at the very centre of our conservation area. But passing by today I see it's not plywood, it is expanded polystyrene, which on the face of it is not a good material to clad the outside of a British building.

But I had a chat with the chaps putting up the stuff, and , if I've understood correctly, they are busy putting back the original features, much loved by estate agents and conservationists. The polystyrene slabs will be skimmed, reinforced with wire mesh and skimmed again, and then painted. Quite possibly with the intention of looking just like the Chicken restaurant opposite.

The most recent planning application I can find is from 2004 and relates to the windows on the Weston Park side

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I mentioned this to Haringey and got this reply

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for your email

Planning permission has been granted for works to this premises under Ref Number - HGY/2017/2341

Please use the link below to view this application:

Kind regards,
Haringey Customer Services Team

which brings up permission for Paesan, what I'd call a near miss


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