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I live on Fairfield Road, and am considering using a Freeview box attached to the existing aerial (solely for the top of the house, as we already have Virgin Media/V+ for the ground floor). 

Reception of analogue (soon to be digital) signals has never been brilliant, despite very careful tweaking of the aerial, and websites which offer 'advice' after giving the postcode tend to say reception from Crystal Palace is good, but the opposite for Alexandra Palace.  I can understand this, as we live in the lee of its transmission, and I believe the aerial does indeed point southwards.

Freeview does seem a cost-efficient option for the attic, but will it work?  RSVP


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I too live in Fairfield Road and we had a 'new' aerial some time ago, just about when digital became an option I thought I was paying a lot for it at the time but it's still there and I use it to feed two televisions. One of these is attached to  a V+ box and to a combined dvd player/recorder. The dvd recorder reliably picks up the digital signal from the aerial  to record the occasional programme I require of it. The second is attached to the same aerial through a powered signal booster. It too has a pvr which has reliably recorded an entire series of Frasier from Freeview. My regret now is that whichever channel is broadcasting this (4 I think sponsored by rightguard extreme dry 72) is now showing the same series again. I think the main reason I have the V+ box is that the way the bundles once worked it was cheaper to take TV, broadband and phone from Virgin than to take only what I needed. I've not checked to see if this is still true.

Obviously I would never sully the outside of my Victorian villa with an unsightly Sky dish supplied by that awful Murdoch fellow.

Agreed.  Murdoch is a dish better never served... 

Does your aerial point north or south?

I'm guessing the digital signal is a lot more penetrating - and so should be fine.

In any case, Freeview boxes do seem incredibly cheap... 


Murdoch is to be admired for not underestimating the football watching public.

I've probably got a Freeview box you could borrow to test your current set up.

My perfect neighbour :-)


I live on Fairfield Road with an aerial that was hit by lightening that blew up our old TV. The aerial is now attached to a TV with built in Freeview and it all works perfectly! My digital radio reception is also great after having awful problems trying to keep a steady signal with my FM radio

Were you sitting watching it when it blew? Sounds more exciting than Desperate Housewives, perhaps a bit too exciting?

On a sort of related topic I've started another discussion about broadband

My husband was watching it - it sort of sizzled rather than blew. We thought that we would have to get a new aerial but it seems to be OK.


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