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Apparently there's a new magazine available in Crouch End and Finchley and places called Village Raw. I say apparently 'cause I haven't seen one yet. They say its available online, but  for this article about a cellist you have to find a printed copy.

In the crowdfunder pitch (which raised £5,511) I read "The magazine will be free, every two months and will be available online and in public spaces" and in today's email I am offered the opportunity to support the mag "by taking out a subscription, which starts at £20 per year for six issues delivered to your door."

OpinioN8 is unashamedly cheapskate and based on the three core principles:

  • that it meets my needs
  • that it be free at the point of delivery
  • that there is no clinical need for it whatsoever
  • that it stick as nearly as I can manage to the rules of grammar and arithmetic

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As mentioned above, I'm likewise scratching my head at the subscription offer. £20 a year for something I can pick up for free across the road at the Earl Haig (etc.)?

But I don't blame them - after all this is the modern way of running a publishing business (on or offline)... pay nothing to the people creating the work, give it all away for free, keep your fingers crossed and hope that some money comes in through (a) advertising, or (b) crowdfunding (which is what that £20 is, really). 

A new magazine adds to the gaiety of things though. If only it had a grumpy old man column.

I flicked through a copy a week or so ago. Nicely presented, but most of the articles had the flavour of advertorials, promoting various creative endeavours. Not something I'd be dashing out to buy (but then I'm probably not their target audience).  

https://www.instagram.com/p/BlX7HoEA0an/ This instagram post is a picture of a door. The text suggests that Village Raw will be Leaving by it, and thermight not be a third issue.

Shame if true. But surely they can't sustain things through repeated crowd funding. It's a dwindling resource. They'd be living on sucking snow and boiling nettle leaves.

Produce a print edition that carries content first, but back it up with an online version which sells advertising.


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