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They do look pretty cute, the three fox cubs which seem to have adopted my garden as a home, but at 4 am I don't need to be watching them noisily playing 'it' on next door's lawn. And their foraging brings a lot of empty yoghurt pots with it, which are now collecting under my decking. 

How does this sound for a scheme:

2. Mark your territory

Because foxes are territorial animals, they will usually respond to a simple, cost-free deterrent: human urine.

Put urine from a young male onto the areas favoured by the foxes. Repeating every few days should eventually persuade the foxes that your garden is not for them.

Never use urine from a female as this will attract foxes rather than deter them. 

 - advice from local.which. So, as I am no longer a 'young male' I should ask my lodgers to pee in the garden perhaps. Strangely this sort of approach has worked for me in the past when my compost heap was a bit slow

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