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Anyone know who planted these? They are too original to be Haringey's work I suspect. Full of lovely pansies alongside sweet smelling herbs. So thanks to whoever planted them - absolutely beautiful.

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It was an itiatiative funded by Haringey Council about 7 or 8  years ago, if not more   It was the idea of long- time resident of Middle Lane who has now moved away.

If these are the tubs in question, then they may have been neglected for a while, but the festival crochet is still in place.

Yes these are the tubs - they looked a lot better a few weeks ago! The drinking fountain looks a bit sorry for itself too - quite an attractive one which I pass by without noticing till your photo highlighted it.

Further deterioration I'm afraid, probably due to the drying out, rather than to any act of vandalism. Hard work though to recover the situation, by putting the staves back inside the hoops and giving the thing a good soaking. The old adage states that prevention is better than cure, which is I believe what's happening in Constable's so called 'Hay Wain'. Apparently the bit sticking out of the back of the cart suggests it is for carrying long things (tree trunks?) rather than hay. And it is not crossing the river but following it in order to soak the timbers in the wheels so they expand and hold tight - which is what has not happened to the clock tower barrel.

Just seen these today! Sad to see the barrels had fallen apart but these look very nice. One problem - who's going to water them? I think these are busy lizzies - which require gallons.

From Cllr Winskill

You will remember that I got Haringey to replace the broken planters at the base of the clock tower. As Alison rightly pointed out, the Bizzie Lizzies are pretty thirsty and will need plenty of water. Tiffa Weekes of Office Dog ( http://www.officedog.co.uk  ) has come to the rescue and promised to keep them watered. Hats off to her!

Thanks for this Adrian (and many thanks to Dave of course for getting the replacements). And even more thanks to Tiffa Weekes! It's these small but important gestures that help make Crouch End what it is.


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