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I've just seen this discussion on Facebook:

Jane Roberts uploaded a file.

Has anybody heard about the council's plans to build a five storey block of flats on this site?? (Lynton Road / Park Road) It looks like a pretty big development.

Not unsurprisingly this has generated a little panic among the nearby residents/Facebookers.

Strictly speaking the council has no plans whatsoever to build anything on the site.but it does have an obligation to provide a very great deal of housing across the borough to comply with the GLA ambitions.

So what is being proposed (I think) is not that there will definitely be a 5 storey block of flats on the site, but that the site will be designated as potentially capable of supporting this development if a developer with the money and ambition to do so seeks permission. 

This proposal is part of a raft of proposals Haringey is making for developments in the borough. This one is called the Site Allocations DPD. By a quirk of the electoral wards Lynton Road (and the Maynard) are in Muswell Hill. Search within the document for 'Lynton Road'.

You can comment on the proposals as part of the Haringey consultation

There is an existing 4 storey planning application for the Jordan Andrews site, replacing an earlier application, also granted.

Apparenetly the lovely garden/bomb site I wrote about recently is also subject to being built on.- - see the Facebook post

What can anyone do? Respond to the consultation and put your weight behind the Crouch End Nieghbourhood Forum a body in the process of creation designed to adress precisley such local issues.

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