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Finsbury Park Track and club house- ideas urgently needed for sources of income

The following plea for help has appeared on the members only forum at London Heathside Athletics Club

Members may be aware that the club is getting assistance from a leisure management consultant in working up a report that will provide us with information on capital improvements to the track. It will also outline a costed business plan on how we might manage the track in future. The main thrust is that we will need to improve the trading position by at least £50k per year. Additional income from track bookings may help but the area with greatest income potential is the large hall within the changing room block. We can of course make better use of it ourselves but please put on your thinking caps and let me know (by Monday22nd August if possible) of any great schemes. We aim to attract some money to improve/adapt and alter the building so get thinking.


If any members of HoL or OpinioN8 have any bright ideas please post them here and/or email them to roarster@sky.com or s.woolf@londonheathside.org.uk

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A few suggestions:
  1. Numerous facilities in Haringey are under threat of closure, to quote just one example The Jamboree Playhut http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/potential-closure-of-jamboree which is actually in Finsbury Park - allowing such a facility/ies to use the building should be profitable. 
  2. Haringey is planning to introduce paid for five-a-side football in the park - this will require a base for charging and changing - this should also be run at commercial rates - basing the management team in the clubhouse may well work and bring in an income.. 
  3. In the wake of the Tottenham and Wood Green disturbances youth provision must surely be a priority for the community if not for the council. Community initiatives are beginning to happen , for examplehttp://opinion8.ning.com/events/public-meeting-a-response-to-the-ri... this meeting may well lead to some sort of activity / mentoring / whatever - a building in the middle of a park, with associated rooms and sports facilities may well be suitable for some such activities.

The Olympic Legacy (lol):

I wrote to Lord Coe, and he also contributed to the Sky Sports broadcast based around Finsbury Park Track. The Lord Coe interview can be seen on this link which Hugh has referred to in his piece on the closure. Coe's comments come at about 3m25s. Essentially he takes the approach, both in his reply to me, and in the TV clip, of Pontius Pilate, saying that the legacy is nothing to do with him, it's all down to the boroughs. In fact to pay for the new buildings and to train elite athletes rather less money is now available for grass roots athletics.


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