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MY representation to the Licensing Authority’s review of the License issued for Major Events at Finsbury Park is attached below as a pdf.

6 August update:

The Representation to the Review by the London Borough of Islington

two further attachments:

orange background = the original (text copyable and searchable)

white background = easier-to-read version (converted to images)

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Thank you Bob, this is helpful.

The Licence review is of course about the failure (or otherwise) of the Licensee to uphold the Licensing Objectives.

However, what makes this Review unusual, is that Haringey Council is itself inextricably bound up with Events resulting from the use of this licence, not only because they derive an income from them, but operationally and especially at egress time.


When the points you have highlighted are compared to the detailed points in the letters of Islington Council and Cllr. Sellman on behalf of Hackney Council, one can see the extent of Haringey's failure. Both their representations relate less to the Licensee, and more to Haringey's repeated, evidenced inability to manage adequately the repercussions of these huge events.

It would be difficult for any Local Authority to manage the egress of 35k to 45k persons, sometimes intoxicated, exiting over about 60 minutes in a built-up area. I think the point is, that Haringey carry on regardless.

It's clear from the Representations of the two neighbouring authorities that there's been a lack of co-operation by Haringey. This lack of co-operating appears to have been long-running and there appears to be pent up frustration with the greed and selfishness of the neighbour.

The new Leader of Haringey Council needs to pay urgent serious attention to these matters.


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