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MY representation to the Licensing Authority’s review of the License issued for Major Events at Finsbury Park is attached below as a pdf.

6 August update:

The Representation to the Review by the London Borough of Islington

two further attachments:

orange background = the original (text copyable and searchable)

white background = easier-to-read version (converted to images)

4 October update:

Islington Council's Additional Information

59 pages released under FoI request (here)

and attached in a separate post below …

15 October update:

Representation of Hackney Council's Clare Potter

(Brownswood Ward, possibly the area most affected)


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Thanks, Clive. Have just cut and pasted paragraph 90 (relating to large scale public events):-

'Consideration should not solely focus on the activities taking place within the area of
the licensed premises. Appropriate measures to address issues outside the licensable area
• Putting in place plans that will assist to minimise disruption to the day-to-day lives of
local residents, businesses and existing operations for the period of the event
• Providing a robust traffic and transport plan that takes into account the needs of
the local community – and minimises the impact of visitors to the area for the
event – while maintaining a safe and convenient point of access and egress for
the attendees within the parameters of existing traffic, transport and parking
• Putting in place a strategy to manage the consumption of alcohol by visitors
accessing and leaving the event in the public realm and highway
• Putting in place a strategy for the control of access to and egress from the
licensed premises for the control of disorderly behaviour.
• Providing facilities external to the licensed area that will assist in the
management of the access and egress of visitors to the event – and minimise the
impact on the existing public realm – including, but not restricted to, additional toilet
facilities and a designated park and ride area
• Putting in place a cleansing strategy beyond the immediate perimeter of the
licensed premises in association with the Local Authority
• Providing communication channels for the local community that will enable
residents and businesses to access sufficient detailed information prior to the
event days
• Providing a hotline and information phone number for residents and local
businesses for the duration of the event.'

Thank you Bob, this is helpful.

The Licence review is of course about the failure (or otherwise) of the Licensee to uphold the Licensing Objectives.

However, what makes this Review unusual, is that Haringey Council is itself inextricably bound up with Events resulting from the use of this licence, not only because they derive an income from them, but operationally and especially at egress time.


When the points you have highlighted are compared to the detailed points in the letters of Islington Council and Cllr. Sellman on behalf of Hackney Council, one can see the extent of Haringey's failure. Both their representations relate less to the Licensee, and more to Haringey's repeated, evidenced inability to manage adequately the repercussions of these huge events.

It would be difficult for any Local Authority to manage the egress of 35k to 45k persons, sometimes intoxicated, exiting over about 60 minutes in a built-up area. I think the point is, that Haringey carry on regardless.

It's clear from the Representations of the two neighbouring authorities that there's been a lack of co-operation by Haringey. This lack of co-operating appears to have been long-running and there appears to be pent up frustration with the greed and selfishness of the neighbour.

The new Leader of Haringey Council needs to pay urgent serious attention to these matters.

After presumably rifling through this thread, The Sun newspaper has managed to write a story with more spin than an Australian cricket ball.

While selectively presenting a single side of the two-way interchange, The Sun describes Mr Corbyn's letter as a furious, incredible, tirade.

However, his letter closely parallels formal Representations from Islington Council, Hackney Council and many members of the public. Would The Sun would describe the representations of the two neighbouring councils—on this page—as tirades?

It is The Friends of Finsbury Park who seek this Licence Review and Mr Corbyn is the long time Patron of this Charitable Trust. I am no Corbynista, but I am one of the Trustees of the FoFP and I cannot find fault with his letter. 

The Sun chose not to mention that two Wireless patrons died at the license premises (Finsbury Park).

Islington Council's Additional Information

Attached, below, 59 pages, divided into five sections:

1. Selected correspondence 2018 festival

2. Licensing Officer notes 2017 – 2018, including post festival observations

3. ASB reports

4. Resident direct e-mails

5. Islington Council licensee letters



PDF Attached and three in-line images:

The Representation of Hackney Council's

Clare Potter, Cllr. of Brownswood Ward

The eastern side of Seven Sisters Road (Brownswood Ward) facing Finsbury Park and whose residents takes the full force of the amplified sound.

Note the report of "building movement".




HERE is Haringey's Decision Notice in connection with the Wireless Licence Review, a Hearing before Haringey’s Licensing Committee.

The decision to switch from allowing plastic cups (for Wireless patron) to allowing plastic-free paper cups is to be welcomed. However, some cynical souls might characterise this particular Amendment to the Conditions as a token measure.

However, it was perhaps only the most tokenistic of a slew of token measures … 


13 November 2018 update:

On the last day of the period in which either side in the Licence Review could Appeal the Decision of the Licensing Committee (yesterday, Monday), we learn that Live Nation has lodged an Appeal with the Magistrates Court.

Thus the Council may decide to defend their Committee's Decision, in Court, a case brought, in effect, by their customer to whom they rent out Finsbury Park.

First, it was the New Labour Kober Admin. and now, the Corbynista Ejiofor Admins.

The Major Events Policy needs to be abandoned before too much more time, money and attention is wasted on its pursuance.


ATTACHED is a copy of the four-page Notice of Appeal, lodged on Monday (the last day for lodgement) by Live Nation (Music) UK Ltd. (for convenience, I've also attached the 18-page Decision Notice of Haringey's Licensing Committee)


Live Nation object to the amended Licence Conditions decided by Haringey Council's Licensing Committee. In a nutshell, the noise limits were meaningfully reduced and Wireless at Finsbury Park would have to close 30 minutes earlier on a Sunday night.


With other Trustees of the Friends of Finsbury Park and our legal team and the press, I attended what turned out to be a pre-Directional Hearing at Highbury Magistrates Court last week.

Live Nation, the Council and the Friends were all represented in front of the panel of three Magistrates.

The Direction Hearing is scheduled to be in Court 12 at the same place, on January 8th and it's open to the public of  course. At that Hearing, it will be decided whether or not the Friends Application to be Heard in the main Hearing is agreed. Live Nation oppose the Friends' Application whereas Haringey Council do not oppose it.

The Friends are keen to be Heard.

The main Hearing is likely to be on a later date.


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