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Finsbury Park Station- Will it be Safe at Night?

Following the closure of Wells Terrace entrance at Finsbury Park Station, does anyone know if the footpath under the bridge will have any security? As a young woman, I don't feel safe walking by myself under the bridge late at night. This area is well-known to be used by drug dealers/aggressive rough sleepers/drunks. What is TFL doing to ensure our safety? 

I very rarely take the tube after 10pm. When I do, though, I never choose to walk under the bridge at such a late time.  Hopefully, there will be extra TFL staff or police officers on hand to ensure this footpath is kept safe at all times. If not, shame on TFL for not putting the safety of their passengers first.  

Anyone else worried about this?  

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The published statistics suggest that this is an area high in violence against the person, and in personal robbery. I used the Met Police mapping site searched for Wells Terrace and then picked out the particular crime types. Archway tube is not much better, but coming through Highgate and then the W5 passes through areas of low crime.

The rough sleepers under the bridge at Finsbury Park are gone, at least during rush hour. I guess TFL got too many complaints about them. 

This area under the bridge is very poorly lit though. I am not looking forward to walking there during the winter months, and I will avoid it completely after 8pm. 

I would recommend, especially if you're a Piccadilly Line passenger, that you get off the train at Caledonian Road and then catch the 91 bus to Crouch End from the stop just outside. Of course, this route would work best if your journey is usually from Finsbury Park to CE.


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