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Has anyone else noticed how tatty Finsbury Park station is getting? It was only refurbed three or four years ago but it looks worse than ever.

The middle bit between the tunnels leaks whenever it rains and lots of the ceiling cable covers have been taken down.

Worst of all the cash machines have been taken out of service as part of "upgrade works" but they've been gone for six months and there's no sign of anything happening.

One keeps hearing rumours that the station will be improved and get ticket barriers for the first time but nothing ever comes of it.

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The station has huge water ingress problems which allegedly can't be solved without closing the East Coast Mainline above - i.e not until we get High Speed 2 - if then!

In better, news, the station upgrade should begin early next year as part of the City North Project. Though a bit out of date now, I cover the details here: http://www.londonreconnections.com/2013/the-past-and-future-of-fins...

There will be a new Western Ticket Hall.  All entrances will eventually be gated, beginning with Station Place.  Those cash machines won't be reopened, as the Wells Terrace entrance is being permanently closed and sealed - it will be used as offices for the developers and then probably demolished - the tunnel will be demolished first.  There will be up to two years between the Wells Terrace entrance closing and the new Western Ticket Hall opening, so that should be really fun for everyone...

Thanks that's helpful though as all the dates on your articles have passed I don't have any faith in TfL that anything will happen this time! It would certainly suck to have to walk round from Wells Terrace to Station Place to get into the station for ages.

To be fair, it's a complex negotiation between TfL, Network Rail, and the City North developers.  TfL have had the cash in place for some time.


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