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It is beginning to look a bit more likely that there will be at least a trial of a Farmer's Market in Crouch End. The idea of using the space in front of Hornsey Town Hall for a Farmer's Market has been floating about for ages, but Haringey has a blanket provision in its regulations against granting a temporary street trading licence, and the space has no permanent licence.

At a meeting of the Council's General Purposes Committee last night (19th May 2011) it was agreed that the ban on temporary licences would be lifted for a period of 6 months, but, so as not to make it too easy, it was also agreed that there would be a consultation with residents and traders in the affected areas before anything actually happens (for details see this document section 3)

According to this article there is considerable opposition from some local traders to the idea.

In outline the opposition goes:

  • shops pay rent and rates - market stalls don't
  • shops are here everyday paying staff - market stalls turn up only when its busy
  • the market will be selling the same stuff as shops but cheaper - local shops will lose sales
  • there is already a Farmer's Market just down the road
  • if there is an influx of shoppers Crouch End's parking won't cope with it

Points in favour include:

  • Market will enable fresh locally produced food to be available.
  • That Market Day shoppers will bring business to local shops by shopping for more essentials and frequent the local cafes.
  •          will support close to London farming businesses.
  •           encourage people outside of Crouch End to shop there on Market Day
  •          enhance the lively ambiance and character of Crouch End.
  •         bring the age old market tradition to Crouch End
  •           make good use of the village square

I'm not sure if there is a formal mechanism for ensuring that you can have your say when the consultation takes place, but you might like to get in touch with robin.payne@haringey.gov.uk whose name appears on the recommendation or with enforcement@haringey.gov.uk the department which enforces street trading licences

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Actually, it's comparethemarket.com but clearly shows how people remember the God awful annoying phrase and now use it to irritating effect whilst forgetting what the stupid meerkats are advertising!



The fact you dont recognise this term shows you are not au fait with whats going on here -its part of a current advertising campaign and meant to be humourous. No I am not going to organise 10 events - as someone who actually lives here I am trying to preserve whats left of crouch end -and, oddly support farmers markets, in ally pally.


This is quite simple really.

I hardly think that recognising a stupid advertising slogan constitutes being "au fait" with what's going on in Crouch End!  Business is carried out transatlantically everyday - not understanding why people use the phrase "simples" does not seem to hinder progress.

I think transatlantically might be my new favourite word of the day.

Suzi: it is horrible, but in my opinion, is bested (worsted?) by the couple of blokes with moustaches and wearing running shorts etc, who advertise a well known telephone directory enquiries number that I cannot bring myself to type or reproduce in any way. I hate that ad!

There are now at least four major financial services price comparison websites and there must shortly be, if not already, an opening for a website that compares the price comparison websites. (BTW, I find it suspicious that DirectLine states that they are not on price comparison websites. Why not, I wonder?)

Suzi it was considerate of you deliberately to misspell the numbers. Even just sighting the correct numbers instantly sends my blood pressure up and I lunge for the mute button on the remote.

You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it. It was you, Charley


On the Waterfront (1954)

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