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It is beginning to look a bit more likely that there will be at least a trial of a Farmer's Market in Crouch End. The idea of using the space in front of Hornsey Town Hall for a Farmer's Market has been floating about for ages, but Haringey has a blanket provision in its regulations against granting a temporary street trading licence, and the space has no permanent licence.

At a meeting of the Council's General Purposes Committee last night (19th May 2011) it was agreed that the ban on temporary licences would be lifted for a period of 6 months, but, so as not to make it too easy, it was also agreed that there would be a consultation with residents and traders in the affected areas before anything actually happens (for details see this document section 3)

According to this article there is considerable opposition from some local traders to the idea.

In outline the opposition goes:

  • shops pay rent and rates - market stalls don't
  • shops are here everyday paying staff - market stalls turn up only when its busy
  • the market will be selling the same stuff as shops but cheaper - local shops will lose sales
  • there is already a Farmer's Market just down the road
  • if there is an influx of shoppers Crouch End's parking won't cope with it

Points in favour include:

  • Market will enable fresh locally produced food to be available.
  • That Market Day shoppers will bring business to local shops by shopping for more essentials and frequent the local cafes.
  •          will support close to London farming businesses.
  •           encourage people outside of Crouch End to shop there on Market Day
  •          enhance the lively ambiance and character of Crouch End.
  •         bring the age old market tradition to Crouch End
  •           make good use of the village square

I'm not sure if there is a formal mechanism for ensuring that you can have your say when the consultation takes place, but you might like to get in touch with robin.payne@haringey.gov.uk whose name appears on the recommendation or with enforcement@haringey.gov.uk the department which enforces street trading licences

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what do we the public have to do to be consultees? I know the Crouch End Traders Association will object - how do supporters register their support?
I'm looking through the document and I can't see a link to any formal consultation process. As the OpinioN8 admin says the contact officer is Robin Payne, head of enforcement services. If we find out more, we'll post it.
I've been asking this question for twelve years.

The 6 month relaxation probably isn't enough, given that only now can applications start, then a consultation, then a decision, then the 6 months will be up. The reference to seasonal makes me wonder if Germans will be coming to Haringey for the Christmas Markets, only its still 7 months till Christmas,


Haringey Council is relaxing its street trading policy for a trial period of six months and will consider applications for street markets, occasional stalls or seasonal trading at specific sites.

Haringey's Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Nilgun Canver, said:

"We get frequent requests for temporary street trading and are looking at what opportunities a relaxation of the regulations might bring.

"Clearly, we will consult existing traders in an area before any decisions are made as to which sites may be suitable and what trading might be agreed at them.

"Ideally, we will be looking to see how temporary street trading might encourage greater footfall to an area, thereby enhancing trading for everybody, or where it will help people access a variety of seasonal or novelty goods or services not easily available locally."


I have recently moved to New York from Crouch End, where I lived for 27 years, the last twelve of which I spent campaigning for a real farmers' market. I'm so glad Deborah and Cheryl are still going for it. But I don't understand how a six-month trial can take place (as Planning Permission obtained in 2003) if the six-month temporary trading relaxation period is wasted "consulting" shopkeepers. They have been consulted many times. I haven't, even though I know a lot about the subject. If you really want to learn about sustainable food, farmers' markets, etc., look at sustainweb.org and lfm.org.uk. or ask me for my brilliant 14-page dossier telling the story of the Crouch End campaign. If you want to see a real farmers' market (Sundays 10-2), take the 91 to where Caledonian Road crosses the canal and follow the path towards Angel, markers trace the canal route where it goes underground.

Cheryl: by 'campaigned for years' don't you actually mean that you have been paid by London Farmers' Markets to work for them since 2000? Isn't it somewhat disingenuous of you not to declare your financial interest in this?


There is a letter from Deborah O'Brien in this week's local paper (unfortunately not yet updated on the letters page) in which she refers to a questionnaire showing that more local retailers are in favour of a Market than are against it. 

Does anyone know where to look for that survey and its results or how to contact Deborah?

Surely the comments about A3 (restaurant) usage in resepct of the proposed Ice Cream Parlour are relevant - a Market where things are sold would surely attract visitors.

I met Deborah yesterday and saw her questionnaire. She is going to get in touch with the council officers mentioned on the document in order to try to find out when or if the consultation will take place. When she's finished the survey it would probably be a good idea to make the results public. As she says, it's a democracy, and so far the majority of local people and shop keepers are in favour of a proper farmers' market in Crouch End. Whether the council see it as clearly is another matter!

Cheryl - do you work for the Farmers Market people? If so, do you think you could declare this interest?

many thanks

Les - I just asked this same question further up the thread. It would appear that she is: http://www.lfm.org.uk/home/about-us/

Yes I do run farmers' markets but I also live in Haringey so my 'motive' as you put it is to bring a farmers market into the borough. I'm certainly not hiding anything and I've only ever supported the people who wish to bring a farmers' market to the area. We certainly never bring a market to an area where people do not want one. There are plenty of areas which do.

As for FARMA lobbying to make Ally Pally a Certified market, FARMA aren't a lobbying company - they provide the certification and as far as I'm aware Ally Pally did apply and was rejected.

All LFM managers are responsible for cleaning up after (and before) the market. I did it myself for seven years at Islington. The producers (not “traders”) took their rubbish home. Negotiations for one market fell through because that Council’s bin men would have been deprived of overtime work.


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