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It is beginning to look a bit more likely that there will be at least a trial of a Farmer's Market in Crouch End. The idea of using the space in front of Hornsey Town Hall for a Farmer's Market has been floating about for ages, but Haringey has a blanket provision in its regulations against granting a temporary street trading licence, and the space has no permanent licence.

At a meeting of the Council's General Purposes Committee last night (19th May 2011) it was agreed that the ban on temporary licences would be lifted for a period of 6 months, but, so as not to make it too easy, it was also agreed that there would be a consultation with residents and traders in the affected areas before anything actually happens (for details see this document section 3)

According to this article there is considerable opposition from some local traders to the idea.

In outline the opposition goes:

  • shops pay rent and rates - market stalls don't
  • shops are here everyday paying staff - market stalls turn up only when its busy
  • the market will be selling the same stuff as shops but cheaper - local shops will lose sales
  • there is already a Farmer's Market just down the road
  • if there is an influx of shoppers Crouch End's parking won't cope with it

Points in favour include:

  • Market will enable fresh locally produced food to be available.
  • That Market Day shoppers will bring business to local shops by shopping for more essentials and frequent the local cafes.
  •          will support close to London farming businesses.
  •           encourage people outside of Crouch End to shop there on Market Day
  •          enhance the lively ambiance and character of Crouch End.
  •         bring the age old market tradition to Crouch End
  •           make good use of the village square

I'm not sure if there is a formal mechanism for ensuring that you can have your say when the consultation takes place, but you might like to get in touch with robin.payne@haringey.gov.uk whose name appears on the recommendation or with enforcement@haringey.gov.uk the department which enforces street trading licences

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I would be amazed if a farmers market sold stuff cheaper than regular shops!  I would have thought that bringing people into to Crouch End for shopping purposes would be just what is needed.  There's only so much overpriced cheese and sausage you can buy at these places...then you can go and wander around what Crouch End proper has to offer.  I would have thought it was a good thing...

There was a period of a few weeks when an unlicensed market did appear on the broad pavement alongside Barclay's. It was some years ago. It did add to the interest and buzz about the place. Not only were there apparent  bargains to be had (cheap crockery I seem to remember - needed replacing the following week) but there were peripheral attractions - The George Formby Appreciation Society would pitch up and stroll about playing his ukulele and singing. 

The net effect felt like a busier more interesting place. There may have been extra visitors arriving by car, but perhaps more important were the number of Crouch Enders who stayed and shopped and had coffee. If there are shopkeepers who might suffer it won't be Broadway Fruiterers from opposite, but the stores which are any way on the edge of the shopping area as the centre becomes busier. 

I keep meaning to go to the Farmers Market at Ally Pally but can never be arsed - maybe if there was one in Crouch End I could be bothered. It would be really nice to have something a bit villagey happening outside the town hall, its a big space that needs using. I'd also like to know I was buying actual fresh fruit and vege as well which is just me pretending to be posh. I really like the Green Grocers just along from Starbucks but I don't like that they sell blackberries from Mexico.








Hi all,


As one of the peope who campaigned for years to open a farmers' market in Crouch End, it's great to see that finally Haringey have seen the light. And sad that some of the same old cliches are being trundled out.

I was sent the link to the local paper which typically takes a negative view on the idea of a market and quotes David Winskill as looking for a level playing field. I do so hope that Tesco, M&S and Waitrose were subjected to the same scrutiny before they opened.


Firstly of course owners of stalls pay rates. They have farms, they have businesses like everyone else.

Our markets last for four hours because on the whole, they're farmers and they have chickens to feed, cows to milk and crops to look after.

The market wouldn't be selling 'the same stuff but cheaper.' I agree with the comments posted; there would be a range of prices. The difference is, you'd be buying the freshest seasonal produce direct from local and regional farms.


There are only a certain number of Certifed bona fide Farmers' Markets in London. There isn't one in Haringey.


On average, around 60% of people walk to our markets. 10% use bikes or public transport. We certainly hope to encourage sustainable transport to a market if it happened in Crouch End.


I really hope that using the space outside the town hall would bring new life to a badly unused area and would continue to keep local people shopping in Crouch End.


Well said Cheryl!  I'm very much looking forward to seeing what's on offer and think it's a great use of the space and should reinvigorate the shopping experience in Crouch End.  Shopkeepers should welcome the competition and the opportunity to get some more custom.

Yes to all of the above also. Is the one in Ally Pally not proper? Is that even Haringey? I guess it feels close enough.


I really like the idea of buying farm produce from farmers and would probably pay more to do so. Can they bring a cow one day? I really miss cows.


I'm going to sit in the corner and miss being on a farm for a while now.



Not this Sunday. I have a wedding on Saturday and its likely I'll be in bed all day Sunday.

I don't know what this says about me, but that is the kind of shit I love my weekend to involve. Jealous!

Hi Suzi,

Take a look at the FARMA website and you'll see that there is a huge Haringey size gap, and that includes Ally Pally.



If it's not on there, it's not a Certified farmers' market which basically means that stall holders can bring in produce they haven't grown/raised themselves, buy from wholesalers etc. Doesn't mean it's not a good market, it just means it's not a true Certified farmers' market. Sadly anyone can set up a market and call it a farmers' market as there is no legislation to stop them.

Dianne, if you want to visit a lovely farm, you could join in “More Than A Box Scheme”, Crouch End’s own CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – two-way arrangement with Church Farm Ardeley. I think they still drop off food boxes on Thursdays 5-7pm at Haberdashery Café, and members go on the train to Stevenage to help on the farm.

Thanks! It all depends on so much though, including a consultation before the council will give permission. After all this time we're not holding our breath.


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