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Just heard that Lyn Garner (Head of Regeneration) is taking flight - off to be CEO at London Legacy Dev Corp. Will the last one at the Civic Centre turn out the lights?

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MARK the administrative headquarters of Haringey Council are at River Park House (opposite Wood Green Tube station).

This is one of three big sites in Wood Green slated for gifting to the notorious Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV; to include the Civic Centre and our Library). The lights in this big, 10-storey building are often on during the evening; I'm told it is cleaners at work. I do hope the lights are put off when they're finished, but I've never hung around to see.


River Park House eh. I never knew that.

AN aerial view, with Alexandra House (10 Station Road) to the left and bus sheds top (to the rear). Wood Green Tube station beneath the helicopter.

It may already be too late. Of the top 6 employees 5 are now temps and the other recently resigned. I think there are also some changes due in the elected representatives.


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