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So this is my first week back to work following a surgery I had to repair a fractured pelvis. I'm under strict orders from my doctor to "take it easy". Well that was my plan until this evening's commute. Had to walk from Ossian Rd to Hornsey Medical Centre. In the rain. Thankfully not on crutches- got rid of those a week ago. 

When will TFL/Catherine West realise we need reliable bus service in CE and Muswell Hill?

How was your commute tonight?

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The root cause of the gridlock in Crouch End and Hornsey appears to be the closure of Wightman Road, which began yesterday. I've just been out and about (3pm) and the traffic is already queuing back from Turnpike Lane along Hornsey High Street, which in turn is causing a long tailback in Tottenham Lane right to the roundabout at Ferme Park Rd. No doubt in rush hour things get worse and tailbacks also occur along Ferme Park Road and further afield.

According to the council web site, the closure of Wightman Rd will last until September! I don't know whether the current diversion plan and consequent gridlock is sustainable for this long.  You can read the full horror story here.

Thanks Rob. I'm leaving work in the City in an hour and trying to plan my journey home. Do you think I'll be ok taking the W7 at Finsbury Park to the Broadway? If not, I'll probably take the Great Northern to Hornsey and walk home. It's zone 3 though so will cost me extra.


I can't get any information from TFL or the council!! 

Difficult to say - last night Park Rd was jammed and there was a bit of a queue at foot of Crouch Hill. But Park Rd seems to be running freely at present. So W7 might be worth a try.

I think I'll try the W7. Thanks!

Lots of useless chatter on Facebook and useful information on HoL. If you study the HoL page there will probably be places where you can send useful suggestions. My guess that they (Haringey / National Rail) have already had enough complaints. 

The W7 was fine when I took it from Finsbury Park this evening at 5:30pm - no traffic on that route. 

It seems to be easing up (I hope!). Let's all keep our fingers crossed!! Sorry we've sent you guys such grief this week....

Your generous apology is accepted Hugh, tho' I'm not sure I actually hold you responsible. I travelled almost the entire length of the 41 route from Tottenham Hale to Crouch End yesterday just after noon and found no hold ups. Approaching Wightman Road from Hornsey High Street there was a lot of traffic, so maybe that direction is the problem.

Under these circumstances there does seem to be a collective unconscious which helps mitigate. Like Ella, many people will make small changes to their route which reduces the problem. Perhaps walking to the other end of the road to catch a different bus, or taking the tube instead of a bus or car, or shifting the day backwards or forwards an hour or so. All inconveniences, but less bad than stubbornly trying to stick to a pattern that no longer works.

I saw a dramatic example of this collective response when I rented a flat short-term in Camden. Parking restrictions in Camden are ferocious, and during the hours when restrictions applied nearly all the parking places were free. At all other times the roadsides were packed with parked cars. I never actually watched the migration, but it made me wonder a number of things - what's the point of owning a car just to have it parked somewhere? Were these specially designed cars which could be disassembled into their component molecules and stored for a while in a jam jar before re-assembly? How far are people willing to drive to find a free parking place, and then presumably walk to fetch it back?

Let's hope the work goes better that the fly over in Calcutta.


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