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... okay, maybe it doesn't, but a few political wonk facts and figures never hurt.

Electoral Calculus are busy and have a seat by seat guide. Hornsey and Wood Green is here.

The best bit is seeing where we figure in the grand debates of our time, and if you like cutting a distinctive dash, we're doing quite well -

In the list of most 'remain', or least 'leave' seats, H&WG comes in at no.648 (out of the 650 constituencies). Only Stoke Newington and Brighton Pavilion are more EU-phoric.

Better yet, we come in at no.650 in the 'national' criterion - meaning we're the topper-most 'internationalist' minded area in the UK! (no, I'm not sure what that means either, but it's worth fighting them on the beaches for, or indeed not doing so).

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Election fever seems to have gripped a group of CE Facebook users who kept a who0to-vote-forin-Hornsey-and-Wood-Green debate going for almost 3 days.

One contributor found this Guardian piece which suggests the Conservatives might do even better than feared/hoped.

And another suggested that the decision on which candidate to choose assuming you believe the Conservative will not get elected here,  is a "Difficult decision - to vote for a candidate whose party cannot get into government or... another candidate whose party cannot get into government."

PS - Facebook exchanges are plagued by a number of problems, but one of them can be resolved by using the "Expand All" bookmarklet.

The Ham and High thinks a Labour majority of 11,058 is marginal


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