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Candidates thus far announced, -

Dawn Barnes, LD

Jarelle Francis, Green

Tom McLaren, Con

Catherine West, Lab

Of course, I know everyone is waiting for the Brexit candidate to be named...

PS. The McLaren guy is a councillor in Brentwood according to twitter profile

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Hold that nomination paper!

The Conservatives (reason unknown) did a last minute swerve, dropped McLaren, and under CCHQ's instruction, installed a new chap as candidate -

Ed McGuinness.

All very, very last minute.

He's the Chair for Islington Conservative Party (it says here). Profile at https://twitter.com/_ConservativeEd/status/1195052872796450819

It's Friday, so the nominations are now submitted. The final list seems to be -

Dawn Barnes - Lib Dem

Daniel Corrigan - Brexit

Jarelle Francis - Green

Ed McGuinness - Conservative

Helen Spiby-Vann - Christian People's Alliance

Salah El-Din Wakie - Ind

Catherine West - Labour

Spiby-Vann has run before. To zero effect.

Wakie maybe the person of that name who has previously stood for the council (again, to zero effect), and the Brexit Party's Corrigan may be this person - "Daniel Corrigan, CME European Trade Repository, Chief Executive"

From The Telegraph

In one case, Tom McLaren, the Conservative candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green, was asked to stand down over concerns about his social media posts. Last night, Mr McLaren did not respond to requests to comment.

Very useful to know. Ever wondered how to get out of any promise, duty, charitable or voluntary endeavour? Easy. Just drop the occasional off-colour tweet.

"Yes, I'd love to spend Saturday afternoon helping on the stall, but I'm afraid I complemented Prince Andrew on his choice of tie on Facebook....."


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