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In this recent item there were a couple of what I thought were misunderstandings, namely

1) The council must find a solution that benefits the local community . . . 


2) Haringey Council has maintained throughout that the property must be kept for community use . . .

It seems that there is a chance to make both these things true under the terms of The Assets of Community Value Regulations 2012 specifically Regs 4 , 5 and 6. This is new and untested legislation but  it seems as though local people, provided there are 21 of them, or they are incorporated in a particular way, can nominate land as a community asset. The council, in this case the London Borough of Haringey, must decide within 8 weeks if it is a valid nomination, and if it is, list the land as being of community value.

If the Earl Haig were so listed then on the proposed sale from CAWD to Antic  the community will be able to trigger a pause for up to six months, in order to raise capital and bid to purchase the asset before it goes on the open market.

This would help local the community keep this much-loved site in public use and part of local life.

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Hi Adrian - looks like a great idea and yes I'd like to be involved.

We now have 53 signatories to the petition which is great news.  I think you slightly misread my comments above. They are aspirations and indeed the council could do the right thing and reject Antic's licence application and we could then support each other on some kind of other bid to buy the site.  Also, if the council has provided sui generis use then surely it must be used for community use and not as a late night drinking haunt.  And yes the council should work to benefit the community - otherwise why do we have local councillors?

Here's agovernment thing a ma jig designed to enable communities to take actual possession of local assets. Perhaps this scheme might make my shared ownership idea a runner though perhaps not as a brewery


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