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Dull question - where have the swings gone in Stationers Park

 I was sad to see the two big 'self swing' swings have disappeared in the park. Does anyone know if they are coming back? 

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In the bigger playground? There's a massive refurb going on at the moment - have you seen how brilliant the new fort looks?!  Lots more to do but it looks like the tyre swings are going to be replaced.  If it's in the Under 8's area I'm not sure although my daughter always gets her hair tangled in them when the chains twist round - maybe a safety thing?

Thanks for that. Yes I meant the under 8s area. I thought those swings were amazing as it meant they could swing by themselves and lie on their tummys on the swing too and look down and push with their feet, I have never seen anything like them. Shame. I hope they come back.


Fort looks amazing so high up and big, my two are too little (2 and 3) but look up at it in wonderment! It looks fantastic, like nothing Ive seen before!



Found this on http://yfrog.com/gz2haeegj . I saw the recently demolished fort go up when my children were young. This one looks even better.

I've asked Friends of Stationers Park to see if they know why they went and when they're coming back!

Thanks Cupcake!

Yes my ones loved it. It also saved me having to push them. Hope they come back! 


I've asked Friends of Stationers Park and the Parks people and they don't know! They think either stolen (?!) or to be replaced by another department.  Will investigate and report back. A mystery!

Do we have a picture of these swings - I don't really know what's different about them? I thought that all swings are "self swing" - certainly the scars on my back were acquired whilst swinging myself on a perfectly ordinary swing.

How far could you jump from the swing when it was at the top of its arc? I can clearly remember getting at least half way across the rec. But that was in the days v=before health and safety had been invented.

Unfortunately as the swings aren't there, I can't give you a picture. I think by self-swing Hilly8 meant that you don't have to push your little one on the swing as they can lie across them and swing with their feet pushing from the ground or sit with a friend and generally amuse themselves for a few precious minutes!

They are still not there what a shame!

Don't you think that Forte is really high, the bridge looks like an accident in waiting so high up with huge gaps to fall out! My worry head! 

The swings are back yea ha!


ive never seen swings quite like them, the seat is like a huge plate and -  and they have 4 chains spread far out which means that you can push and pull them to get the swing moving.

They are still not back!

Boo hoo!

The swings are back!!!!

The same ones with new chains I think, fantastic.


Im a saddo sorry!!




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