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More Crouch End pubic house news.

As noticed on the facebook, the Alex appears to have changed ownership - now falling under the wing of Jimmy McGrath - he currently of the Alma in Newington Green (a regular in London’s “pub of the year” award ceremonies), the Old Eagle in Camden Road (great pub), and the newly re-done Pink Willy in Hampstead... and landlord at the glorious Richard Steeles in its pomp. This bodes very well indeed.


The new people at the Henry Reader and the Harringay should get a move on.

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Great news! The Alex has had a bit of up and down history over the last few years. I have had some of the best food in Crouch End there, as well as some of the most disappointing.

Not sure if it was the ownership or trouble holding onto a good chef. Fingers crossed for this time round and that it flourishes!

(PS Sorry about the multiple post, all I was seeing at this end was a '500' error message)

The '500' error seems to be the new standard response from Ning. Either that or 'resource not found' . Both less than helpful responses to a successful post. I'll raise a ticket. And then perhaps a pint.

chatted as I passed on Friday and was told they were having a special opening at 4.30 then would be open that evening and every day in future   I too look forward to that having had good food and a pleasant welcome when we had meetings there arranging he first Crouch End Festivals, as Adrian will also remember!


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