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FOR those interested, I've attached the pdf file being the report on Downhills Park by the Green Flag Award (part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign).

The quality inspection report grades the park Red.

Haringey Council have been asked to remove the Green Flag from the flagpole in Downhills Park, while the park remains graded Red. The council have removed their flag from this park and Finsbury Park, that is also graded Red.

Thanks are due to my former Highgate Ward Councillor colleague, Bob Hare, for extracting the reports on Finsbury Park and on Downhills Park.

At the time of writing six or seven other parks are graded Amber (minor problems), but Haringey Council—demonstrating yet again their unreasoned, reflexive secrecy—have not yet released those reports. I think that sometimes, they forget who they're working for. 

Summary comments:

It was disappointing to see the flag flying over a site with such poor condition. The park had an abandoned feel, with poor maintenance throughout the site. There are major health and safety issues on site which require immediate attention.

Standards on site fall well below the standards expected of a Green Flag Award site. There appears to have been no maintenance for some time. It would also appear that play inspections are not taking place or if they are the issues identified are not being addressed.

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FOLLOWING pressure from a number of quarters and not least from Highgate Councillor Bob Hare, the local council have finally posted on their website, all the Reports from the first tranche (11) of parks inspections (below).

A second batch

I hope we, the public, won't be kept waiting for the Reports of the second tranche. Further delay may be hinted at in the clause "We have received a second batch of results which we are currently analysing and will post these here in due course." (my emphasis)

Are there more Ambers and/or Red Grades to come?

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