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What we have for a local paper is now the Ham and High Broadway. At the time of writing (07:41 on 30th May) the electronic edition is a week out of date. I've just looked at the real world edition and there are two or three interesting items in it, which isn't always true!

I was bemoaning to some fellow London Heathside club members earlier this week that our match reports don't make it onto the sports pages each week. Their response was "so what!" (I paraphrase slightly) on the grounds that no one ever looks at the local paper. Is that true?

I have noticed that "Letters to the Editor" per se has been dropped from the paper, though there are a couple of pages of 'OpinioN', submitted by members of the public, generally on more interesting topics and better written than the stuff by journalists. I can't find these on the HandH website which is a shame, as I'd happily link to them to promote debate!

Has this local paper had its day?

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Many thanks to those of you who replied to my poll about reading the local paper. Of 41 responses 29 affirmed that they do read the Ham and High. So OpinioN8 readers who respond to polls gather their information from more than one source.


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