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He was the Polish war veteran with a penchant for collecting rubbish - lots and lots of rubbish and storing it in his house and garden until the council had to remove it when it got full of rats and posed a health hazard. 

I'm pretty sure it was in Crouch End - anyone know where and if the house still stands? 

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He lived on Crouch Hill. His house still stands converted into flats. If you were to stand facing Oddbins to the left are 2 semi detacheds. His was the one on the left. The Council took it over and sold it to the builder who carried out various enforced repairs. Trebus was completely mad - I used to see him collecting rubbish in CE. He died some years ago. There's another house further up the Hill that looks like it's occupied by a similar sort of person. What is it about that area?
Wow, that sounds like an awesome fashion combination!  

The house in a serious state of disrepair on Crouch Hill is occupied by a rather colourful character.  He is dressed a business man from the waist up - with moustache, shirt, tie and braces, teamed with a brown kilt, black stockings and suspenders, and sandals. The house is a disgrace and I feel sorry for the neighbours.

Yes. Two houses up from Oddbins in Crouch Hill. Sir Edmund Trebus, collector, bon vivant et raconteur, was the subject of the television documentary Life of Grime for his unusual collections. Some weren't too savoury. We stand in his shadow (of junk)

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Thank you chaps for that information.  I used to follow Life of Grime with interest so it's good to know exactly where he was located.  I seem to remember he had two massive council deep clean and rubbish removals from his house but kept collecting rubbish again afterwards. Poor old soul, though I remember him being quite feisty!


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