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Does anyone actually know what's going on with Pizza Bella and Bouga?

Yes, it's my age old bugbear - what on earth is going out with the empty units?


The Nando's/Pizza Bella rumour keeps rearing its ugly head every few weeks (a couple of new Tweets suggest it's a done deal), but building work hasn't even started. I heard I might be an Ethiopian a few days ago (was it on here?) which would be so much better, fingers crossed.


Someone seems to be (very) slowly sorting out the interior of the decaying Bouga, which I believe was sold earlier this year but, again, it seems like it's going to stay derelict for a while yet.


Finally - World of Books and the old chip shop - any information?

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Regarding World of Books, the story I heard was that Waitrose were going to expand into the space. But since nothing has happened for several months I am starting to doubt it.

Hi Rob

I was offloading to the manager of Waitrose a couple of weeks ago about the Waitalot queues on a Saturdays and Sundays, tills not working, empty shelves etc and she ventured that many of these problems will evaporate like the morning dew when they expand next door. Sadly, she had no idea when this would happen.


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