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This is hardly a new observation but I wondered if anyone goes to a doctor's practice in Crouch End where the receptionists are cheerful, pleasant and informative?

There are a couple at my practice, one is generally OK but the other one makes it her mission to be as rude, abrasive and condescending as possible. This morning when I rang for an appointment she barked "Who are you?" at me and then proceeded to tell me it was impossible to see anyone. Surely "Can I take your name?" is the correct way to address a patient. She then asked what I wanted to see the doctor about - as if that's any of her business and asked what my prescription was for when I asked for a re-order, only to tell me that they couldn't do that over the phone.

I imagine that the general public are a tiresome bunch but there's really no need to treat us with such disdain. What is it about doctor's receptionists?

I'm wondering whether to write a formal complaint as she was so blisteringly unpleasant.

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I go to Highgate group Practice and all the staff there are always pleasant and helpful, even on the phone when it's obviously busy. I'd seriously consider making a complaint. Businesses with "public facing" staff often have the "we don't tolerate offensive behaviour" notices, so the same should work in reverse.

"the general public are a tiresome bunch" and I suspect many of those clamouring to see the doctor don't really need to, so the receptionist becomes protective. The receptionists at my practice were once just as described by Cupcake, until something genuinely catastrophic happened, so now they know I am not a time waster and they are all over me.

I also think there is a question of respect - I remember a Prime Minister saying we needed more respect and then suggesting that GP surgeries should open early and stay open late - rather like insurance company call centres. Now I think that my health and my GP are both worthy of respect. My health because its so bloody unpleasant being ill, and my GP because of all those years of training and the immense amount of knowledge she carries about with her. I don't want to see a doctor who'd rather still be in bed, or on her way home, I want her full concentration. 

But it would be nice if the respect were mutual and extended to the ancillary staff,


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