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Do you read the Broadway Ham and High? Does it serve a purpose?

No I thought not. The Broadway Ham and High is a spin off from the Ham and High proper subtitled "The quality paper for Crouch End & Muswell Hill" but reading through the paper proper it's hard to see how the designation is justified.

The front page does carry a story about HGVs in Muswell Hill, but from there on:

  • Events are listed for Hampstead, Highgate, JW3, Cecil Sharp House - no hint of anything in CE or MH
  • p3 - a Haringey story and for MH a Fortismere story
  • p4/5 - Tottenham, Barnet, CE and MH
  • p6/7 - Hampstead Garden Suburb, Hampstead, Barnet
  • p8/9 - Hampstead, Camden, Barnet, S Hampstead, Dartmouth park
  • p10/11 - W Hampstead, Hampstead, Golders Green, Highgate, Dartmouth Park
  • p12/13 - HS2, Camden, H and H, MH
  • p14/15 - Camden, Hampstead
  • p16/17 - Health news with 1 mention of Haringey
  • p20/21 - WWII - the holocaust
  • p22 - Highgate, Suicide Bridge
  • Letters/Opinion page -not one mention of CE or MH
  • Etcetera is a completely generic cross London arts mag, with no mention of CE or MH

I guess this is because nothing is happening in CE and MH. I rarely venture as far as MH and it is not part of N8, but for CE we have

None of which gets a mention. Strikes me this paper is not serving its purpose.

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agree completely, plus the small matter of the sale of Hornsey Town Hall which is a saga of 20 plus years standing reaching a dramatic point at present and a gift to any writer or editor.  Nothing in the paper for the last month.  I only buy it for news of the Town Hall and immediately junk (before I leave the shop) the glossy estate agent advertising. 

The problem is that local newspapers are no longer economically viable in an online age. That's why the Hornsey Journal folded. The Ham & High only survives because it is part of a much wider group with a lot of shared content. (See http://www.archant.co.uk/brands/media/newspapers/#). The Broadway edition is virtually identical to the main Ham & High with just a different front page and a couple of different articles.


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