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This article in Pulse sets out the fact that 

"GPs have had up to a quarter of their patient lists removed without their knowledge in one of the most brutal list cleansing drives to date. Practices in Haringey, north London, have had thousands of so-called ‘ghost-patients' taken off lists"

I've met one person in Crouch End who now has to re-apply to be admitted to the GP list at the practice she has been attending for 30 years as a result of this cull.

Might be worth checking to see if you are still on the list!

The problem arises out a valid desire to stop paying GPs for non-existent patients, combined with a computer glitch and some failures of communication. Just the way our country should be run.



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Hmm Well I have an appointment for tomorrow morning so I think I must still be on my list... they are a bit shit though i have to say.


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