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Development developments 2 - planning application for the car wash site on Tottenham Lane

Looks as though local residents have been active in following up therevised application at 159 Tottenham Lane and a revised set of drawings have been submitted. I think there have been some adjustments to the 5th floor of the proposed building so this is the current look for that stretch of road There is a proposed change of use for the old Journal building , too.

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What a monstrosity of a building!

My personal opinion on this is that it's way way  too high!  It's also baron of any redeeming features.  Why is nobody bothered about creating architecturally interesting and nice buildings anymore?  We just seem to get one box after another.  As long as it goes up quickly and cheaply then job done.  This is the legacy we are leaving our children.  I think it's really sad that our councils allow this to happen. 

This is also a very imposing building.  I haven't read the revised application so not sure if the pic above is pre or post revision.  I hope pre.

I totally agree with you, Crouchendfriend.

Another horrible soulless building that looks like it was designed by an accountant [ much like Cineworld's plans for the Picturehouse] Is no one capable of putting a gable front or a slight curve into a design anymore?

Presumably the building height is due to the 18 residential units - we all agree with the need for more homes but I somehow doubt these will be in the 'affordable' / social housing category. Also looks like there's provision for parking to the rear which would limit the builidng depth so they've just stuck a 'penthouse' floor on top[view of Alexandra Palace in the sales pitch not doubt ]

Sadly on Crouch End Hill the Broadway, Topsfield Parade and along Tottenham Lane there are many ugly inappropriate buildings [ e.g .the Virgin Gym that was once a Victorian music hall and cinema ] and therefore perhaps too many precedents to argue against this plan solely on it's design merit.  However the residents of Fairfield Gardens and Fairfiled Rd. would I imagine have the most leverage - it would overlook them invade their light and radically alter the environment close to their homes.

This is really hideous. The Arthouse is a beautiful little building, which is going to be dwarfed by this box. Why has the architect not thought to echo the style of The Arthouse and bring in a bit of Edwardian style and charm. I hope that the high quality content of The Arthouse's repertoire will enable them to keep afloat when a multiplex opens bang next door. It is a very brave venture, what a pity it could be dwarfed by such an ugly building. Surely somebody on the Council Planning team has some respect for the architecture of our area and can bring some pressure to bear Cineworld and the developers to submit plans sympathetic to the buildings and houses in the area. Twin Spark is right about the Virgin Gym  I do hope Cineworld don't get away with dumping this horrible building on our doorstep.  Personally I find the car wash very useful.They offer very good service at a very good price. Have always thought it would be a stop gap until somebody built on the site.  Interestingly, there is a car wash on York Way at the far end near King's Cross, it has been there since the 80s. When I lived in Islington I used it a lot and was amazed to see it still in operation when I drove along there one day last week. I know the Council will not allow a permanent car wash unfortunately. Obviously the site cannot just sit there empty.  It would be good to think that there are those on the Planning Committee who might prefer quality over quantity. So far as the housing goes, of course there will be 'affordable' housing. Sadly, nobody from David Cameron has ever dared to define affordable, they would be scared of making us aware that affordable is often affordable for those who are very well paid. Please don't let this horrible design go ahead. I would like to think that The Arthouse will not suffer when Cineworld opens its doors, I know they offer a different product, but they will be a bit like David and Goliath, although of douse David did win.

Please forgive the erratic behaviour of the Apple Mac spell check, The last phrase should be 

'although of course David did win'


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