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Bad news to share from the new development at 161 Tottenham Lane (the former Hornsey Journal Office & land behind the Art House).

  1. Loss of Tree
  2. Further Damage to Neighbouring Property

1) Tree chopped down

The potential loss of this tree was highlighted by the local community throughout the planning process. The original developers, supported by a report from a specialist (Landmark Trees), insisted that the development would not affect the roots of the tree, nor would thinning it back to the boundary cause it irreversible harm.

Fast-forward 18-months and the (new) developer advised by the same specialist have chopped down the tree because 1) the roots are interfering with the foundations and 2) cutting the tree back to the boundary will make it unsafe, which left the tree owner and the Council with no option except to consent to it's removal.

The developer has agreed to replace the tree.

2) The demise of a fence

I have commented on the damage to our fence before. Despite assurances of better communication, it continues to go from bad to worse. It's not just the damage. It's the lack of communication - in every case we have discovered the damage ourselves. There has been no prior discussion. 

While I believe the companies will deliver on their commitment to replace, that's not really the point. It's the fact that it is extremely stressful and time-consuming.

Many thanks for the previous advice we have received. If anyone is reading this afresh and has further comments they will of course be welcome.

In the beginning..


The cracks appear...


Tipping point...

And then there was none...

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