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LibDem 39119
Green 29031
Conservative 18549
Labour 94401
UKIP 1891
Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 4166 Labour Others Majority
Independent 1129 94401 93885 516
Total Voters Labour's Democratic Mandate
494189 19.10220675 %

Across the whole of Haringey Labour polled 516 votes more than the other parties, and were elected by fewer than 20% of the electorate.

In Crouch End 7,899 voters chose not-Labour while 4,136 chose Labour and yet we have 2 out of 3 councillors from Labour.

In Hornsey 6,057 chose not-Labour while 5,675 chose Labour and Hornsey has 3 Labour Councillors.

It's not a perfect system.

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So if all the 'others' had formed a coalition they still wouldn't have won. What an odd way to summarise election stats. ,  single out one party vs. the others in aggregate and blame the winner for the poor turn out.

Are you a Lib Dem pining to reintroduce a PR /AV debate? i.e that which your leader wasted in the first breath of this govt and a rush for Power - after 40 plus years of Lib. manouevring with PR as their principal excuse for a lack of popularity. Perhaps the rt. hon heiress Featherbrain MP has something to do with the low turn out - Is she the least effective representative in the House, I've seen her speak 3-4 times there and it was like watching a nervy sixth former in a debating class, there seems a lot less to her than meets the eye!

An excellent suggestion and one I'd certainly support  - if all the 'others' formed a coalition then the majority in the council chamber - which effectively gives the majority party free rein to do as it pleases, i.e. a dictatorship - would be greatly reduced. The result would be a bit like proportional representation.

The majority party's majority over all the opposition combined is 516 votes  out of 494,189 which could possibly have been cast. I make that 0.1% of the electorate. That this translates in to a 48:9 majority on the council is a failing of the first past the post system, so I can confess to having voted in favour of the PR system recently. A 29 Labour :28 all others split on the council would be a better representation of the votes cast. And so what if it prevents any business being done - the less they can do the less harm they can do.

Obviously Labour does have to take its share of blame for the apathy amongst voters. Thanks for pointing that out. 

I feel some sympathy for LF speaking in the House. Perhaps you overcame all your nervousness in the 6th form debating society - I wish I had too. I've spoken a couple of times at the local Area Forum, and generally found myself sweaty and tongue tied even on such a small stage. All my jokes fall flat. I much prefer the impersonal anonymity of sniping from the sidelines on an internet bulletin board.

Replying to what you 'heard' as opposed to what was said is a key Liberal trait of course. I was never in a debating class or a sixth form for that matter.

A tenet of democracy is the acceptance of being led by an elected majority whilst retaining the opportunity to object  possibly even snipe and lobby to influence policy outcomes. We had a referendum on changing the system very recently and PR/AV was rejected. The whole argument needs a rethink if it is ever to be re-promoted, the old tactic of whining 'it's not fair' just won't work. A long coveted opportunity was well and truly blown. The anti Lib-Dem vote is now a reality they are no longer able to approaach an election with a manifesto to the left of Labour and as the votes are counted then opt for a coalition with Conservatives, as they did in 2010, because it suits them not their voters or members but the Parliamentary Lib-Dems with a lust to govern without the inconvenience of a manifesto or mandate or majority.

I feel no sympathy whatsoever for LF - she is well paid and does her job badly, there is ample opportunity for training on how to speak at work, is she above that?  Her contributions in the House are shambolic, on one occassion the Speaker told her to sit down and to improve her preparation.

As for the internet, it's a parish pump really, I 'hear' your comment, I reply and so it goes - or is the internet
unfair too?

Any encumbant is sure to get lazy, especially in politics.  I'm reminded of my hometown up north that was "labour and proud", which effectively meant that the local councillors were all known by name in their local pubs but tended to do little constructively in terms of running the town.  Why let little matters like fiscal responsibility spoil the fun though?

The Labour stranglehold on Haringey is very sad.  Thinking out loud - would I actually prefer a greater turn-out on polling days in future?  Probably not, as the average kebab-munching oik would prefer Farage or Moribund and a knee-jerk reaction rather than political debate.


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